Grade Appeal

The Grade Appeals Committee, elected by the faculty, was established in accordance with procedures specified by the faculty of the University at the West Lafayette campus. The full details of the procedure are given in University Regulations.

When to Appeal a Grade

Summarized by the Dean of Students Office

You may only appeal the final grade for a course. You may appeal if:

  • You are able to demonstrate that "an inappropriate grade was assigned as a result of prejudice, caprice, or other improper conditions such as mechanical error, or assignment of a grade inconsistent with those assigned other students."
  • You wish to challenge the reduction of a grade for alleged scholastic dishonesty.

Remember that the burden of proof is on the student, except in cases of academic dishonesty, where the burden of proof is on the instructor.

When you should NOT appeal:

  • If you feel the course was poorly designed or you received poor instruction. These may be legitimate concerns, but are more appropriately addressed by the department head.
  • If you feel that students were graded too severely, provided that all the students in the class were graded in the same fashion.

Before Initiating a Grade Appeal

Before initiating a grade appeal, an informal attempt must be made after final grades are posted to resolve the final grade dispute.

  1. Contact your instructor to request a grade change.
  2. Contact your program director (if applicable) to request a grade change.
  3. Contact the school head to request a grade change.

Formal Grade Appeal Process

A student wishing to file a grade appeal within the College of Engineering must file a written statement of allegations, facts, and circumstances concerning the grade assigned with the chairperson of the Grade Appeals Committee within 30 calendar days after the start of the regular semester (fall or spring) following the one in which the questioned grade was given.

The chairperson will furnish a copy of the statement to the involved instructor who has seven days to make a response.

Committee members will review the written documents within seven calendar days from the date they are received. If one voting member of the committee rules that the allegations warrant a hearing or are best addressed through a hearing, a hearing will be held; otherwise, the appeal will be denied.

More information on this process can be found in Regulations Governing Student Conduct, Disciplinary Proceedings, and Appeals. Prior to initiating an appeal, students should review Student's Guide to Grade Appeals (PDF). Appeals may be initiated online through our Grade Appeal Form. Note that appeals for Fall are processed in Spring, and appeals for Spring and Summer are processed in Fall. No grade appeals are processed during the Summer term. For more specific information, please contact (765) 494-0274.

Grade Appeals Committee Intranet — members only; login required.