College-wide Programs

College of Engineering: Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships (GEP2)

The Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships serves the students, staff and faculty of Purdue University's College of Engineering, offering comprehensive undergraduate and graduate academic programs in education, research and learning with an emphasis on diversity, experience, reputation and effective solutions to the global engineering challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

The giving opportunities listed below are cornerstone gifts essential to advancing the Global Engineering Program. While we feel it is important to share these funding priorities with you, please understand that each and every contribution is vital to sustaining this very important program. We greatly appreciate your support!

Naming Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships - $10,000,000

Financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations provides the margin of excellence that distinguishes great institutions from good ones. Nothing better exemplifies this level of excellence than a gift that would name Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships and provide sustainable funding to ensure this excellence will continue. Naming GEP2 will create an opportunity to invest in the future and provide financial resources, in perpetuity, for college-wide global opportunities. This type of commitment brings incredible distinction and prestige to the program and allows for transformational growth and opportunity.

Global Engineering Service Learning Projects - $200,000 annually

These projects provide students with intensive, international cultural exchange combined with service-learning. Students work on international development, design projects that address grand challenges, offering real-world, full-cycle design experiences. Projects are created and planned for long-term, sustainable global partnerships (currently Kenya, Cameroon, and Palestine). The program will sustain 5 projects annually in various destinations and disciplines, and impact approximately 50-75 students annually. Each project will be fully funded at $40,000.

Global Engineering Seed Grants - $125,000 annually

Designed to provide program development to faculty with global interest in learning, business development, international development or research in an area of global significance, the grants are intended to offer incentives for faculty to enhance and build additional international relationships while working in Professional and geographical areas of interest to them. The College plans to provide five annual seed grants ($25,000 each) to address societal grand challenges that will also attract and help retain top faculty.

Global Engineering Faculty Fellows - $100,000 annually

The Faculty Fellows opportunity will encourage young and mid-career faculty to travel internationally to strengthen existing and/or establish new research partnerships. Fellows will serve as global ambassadors for the College of Engineering and help maintain and develop our global network. Faculty are expected to sustain these initial fellowship grants with external funding. The fellowship helps with recruitment and retention of exceptional faculty working on global grand challenges. With annual support of $100,000, the College of Engineering will be able to fund 10 faculty members for 4-6 weeks of travel to international institutions.

Global Engineering Competencies - $100,000 annually

Together with Engineering Education and the Department of Educational Studies, GEP is working to identify and better define the essential attributes of the "global engineer" - the technical, professional, and individual factors that influence an engineer's global competence. GEP is currently conducting a pilot study to determine the attributes enhanced by activities in our global-learning portfolio. The study will pave the way for the development of a comprehensive model of global engineering competencies and future longitudinal studies of the efficacy of global learning activities aimed at addressing those competencies. Through this work, GEP aims to provide students with improved opportunities to develop the desired attributes of a "global engineer" and clearly identify new types of programs to facilitate that development.

Global Engineering Student Fellows - $50,000 annually

GEP offers students international experiences that foster a broader world view and a greater context in which to understand issues ranging from foreign policy to ethics. The goal of the Student Fellows Program is to provide 100 students annually with a $500 fellowship to be used toward an international experience. Students will select options from the Global Learning Portfolio that best fit their professional goals. Opportunities include short-term departmental programs, research or industrial internships, semester abroad, sharing cultures, and "customized" global experiences such as conferences.

Global Engineering Staff Fellows - $50,000 annually

The College of Engineering will provide staff with international experiences through the Staff Fellows program, designed to provide early and mid-career staff with short-term global assignments that will ultimately allow them to gain a competitive edge by working with international universities, collaborating/working with foreign teams, or working as part of a multi-national or multicultural team. The program will enable recruitment and retention of exceptional staff while helping to globalize our workforce through exposure of these key staff members to alternative models of conducting business. The program will support 10 staff members annually for 2-3 week assignments at international institutions.