Alum of the Month, August 2022: Kelly Brayton

Brayton received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University. She is now a graduate student researcher in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University.


Degree from Purdue: BS in Chemical Engineering

Year graduated: 2021

Current position: MS Chemical Engineering student at Columbia University

Describe what you do in this role: 

As a graduate student researcher, I'm leading a project on developing a high-throughput methodology for analyzing overlayers on electrocatalysts. This work aims to increase hydrogen selectivity and other desirable characteristics in fuel cells. In the future, this research could help make the production of hydrogen fuel more efficient.

How do you use the skills/knowledge that you gained as a student researcher in your current positions?

Being a PERC student researcher developed my leadership skills and ability to take initiative. This has been a great help in my current role as a graduate student researcher leading a project.