Bridgewater-Raritan High School, NJ

Digital Literacy Project

Students at Bridgewater-Raritan High travelled to Paushi, India to purchase and intall a computer and printer at the local library.  The team also created lesson plans that will enable local children, ages 5-18 to learn to use the equipment.



Silver Trail Middle School, Broward County FL

Using Engineering to help others

EPICS students at Silver Trail Middle Schoo,l in Broward County Fl are working on several projects that will benefit their school and other students. Projects include:

Helping a special needs students at Silver Trail Middle school who has difficulty holding his head upright.  One group of student engineers have designed a head-rest that straps on to his wheelchair and is modeled after the supports currently being used by NASCAR drivers.

Working with a special needs student who has difficulty walking correctly.  The student frequently tip-toes everywhere he goes, which is not good for his development.  EPICS students are working towards developing a heel that can be attached to the bottom of a shoe and will provide pressure to the bottom of the foot, thus encouraging the user to put his weight down on the heel.  They are being guided in this project by a local podiatrist, who has graciously agreed to assist in their project.

Working with the custodial staff to develop a method of clearing clogged sprinklers, a common problem on the school campus.  EPICS students are designing a small, spiked tube that can be printed using our 3D printer, and inserted into the clogged sprinkler head in order to remove the obstruction.

Rancho Solano Preparatory High School, AZ

Worm Farm

The IB Chemistry, Biology, and Physics classes at RS spent the day with the EPICS class to build a worm farm and study the benefits of using the worm castings (manure) for agriculture. They worked with Matt Martinez ‘14 and the Bridge Program, both from Princeton University, to help design and implement this technology in a remote village in Peru. A large worm growing area was developed and several garden plots were planted to measure the effects of worm castings on plant growth and pest resistance.

Agawam High School, MA

Nanotechnology Through Marine Aquaculture

At Agawam High School, EPICS students are studying nanotechnology through marine aquaculture. Students are cultivating photosynthetic algae to examine and experiment with hundreds of species of diatoms. Modern applications for diatoms include controlled carbon fixation, information storage and transmission, biosensors and optical technology. Diatoms lend themselves to nanotechnology because the cells become smaller with each generation. In May, teams of EPICS students will travel to our Junior High to share their results and present an original Power Point on nanotechnology careers in marine biology. Another future nanotechnology project will involve the study of nanoparticles in the sea which may influence climate change.

Sizer School, Fitchburg MA

A group of Sizer School students are working with Habitat for Humanity to find out the cost benefit of using slab housing versus poured concrete housing in New England.  The Students will do modeling and present their findings

Nazareth Academy, LaGrange Park , IL

The Nazareth Academy EPICS program is helping the MidAmerica Service Dog Foundation.

EPICS students are making tennis ball throwers that hook onto wheelchairs so dog owners with limited arm mobility can play catch with their service dogs. EPICS Club is going to design/engineer/build other devices to make the lives of service dog owners easier, like leash to collar connectors that can be fastened using large motor skills as opposed to fine.

Will C. Wood Middle School, CA

Improving Our Environment

Recycling projects at Will C. Wood have earned the school special congressional recognition as a Ocean Guardian School by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Frankfort Senior High School, IN

Wind Energy Brochure

Frankfort Senior High EPICS students have produced an informative brochure to allow members of the Frankfort community to be better informed about the production of electricity from wind turbines. The community is going to have at least 1 wind farm and possibly more in the next 2 years. The students designed a pamphlet with both pros and cons for our community.    

Hotdog Mobile!

After a small electric car was donated to the school, four students began working on a design of a dog-like body to raise the spirit level of the school and community. Another four students are working to redesign the drive system on this 1975 electric car. The school is considering calling the adapted electric car “Sparky the Hotdogmobile”.

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