Bridgewater-Raritan High School, NJ

Digital Literacy Project

Students at Bridgewater-Raritan High travelled to Paushi, India to purchase and intall a computer and printer at the local library.  The team also created lesson plans that will enable local children, ages 5-18 to learn to use the equipment.



R.L. Turner High School, TX

Capstone Projects

R. L. Turner students are creating a file sharing service that will bring music by unlicensed musicia ns to an audience in an easy to use website where artists can share their music for free.


Students are designing and building a more efficient stage for the La Primera de Dallas church.



Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men-Englewood, IL

Creating Community Spaces


Students at the Englewood Campus of Urban Prep in Chicago began their year with designing bridges out of paper and are now creating designs that will turn vacant lots in their community into usable spaces. Final designs will be submitted to the City of Chicago for consideration, and if chosen, the city will partner with Urban Prep students to bring the designs to reality.


Lakers High School, MI

Aquaponics System

There are 200 tilapia and water hyacinth plants in an 850 gallon tank, with a
filtration system in another tank above. Currently, special needs students feed the fish and chart air and water temperatures every day.  Once per week, advanced students test for ph, dissolved oxygen and nitrate content.

Vertical Hydroponics

The Greenhouse has been “remodeled” with poured concrete flooring to create a barrier-free, handicapped-accessible building.  The Hydroponic Stackers are currently being re-installed Lakers HS can grow tomatoes, from seeds donated by Campbell's Seeds.

Helena Chemical Co., of Saginaw, has partnered w Lakers HS for several years to deliver 4 pallets (650 pre-filled Hanging baskets) and bulk fertilizer at no charge.  They deliver in late September/early October, and we store pallets out of the way until January, when plant plugs arrive and are planted by students.

McCutcheon High School, IN

Guidance Department ESL Assistant Software

Computers give a welcome message to Spanish speakers. The menu allows
parents/students to select from options including: enrollment, withdrawal, and frequently asked questions. Forms completed by users then revert to English for counselors and school use.

Educational Outreach

McCutcheon students designed interactive and computerized phonics lessons for use with elementary and ESL students within the school corporation.

Chantilly High School Academy, VA

Adapted Physical Education

Chantilly High School students are enabling students with special needs to safely participate in team and individual sports with little assistance. EPICS High student teams designed, prototyped and produced ball tossing catapult toys to be used in recreational play by special needs students.

Pleasant Grove High School, CA

Working with Special Needs Students

Pleasant Grove students worked with an organization using horses in therapy for special needs children to create an interactive device that can be used while riding. Riders pick up animal shaped pieces and ride across the arena to place them in a "puzzle" format that then makes the animal noise.

Frederick Douglass Academy, NY

Community Elevated Gardens

Students at Frederick Douglass Academy designed and built green spaces within a Harlem Senior Center to improve air quality and for beautification.

Desktop Aquaponics

Students designed and monitor a water quality sampling station at the East River and report findings to the city and local organizations working to improve water quality.

Yerba Buena, CA

Improving Local Communities

Yerba Buena students visited with the local JW house (much like a Ronald McDonald house near a local hospital) and researched needs and saftey requirements for a backyard playhouse. EPICS High students then created model designs to present, voted on a final design and constructed the playhouse

Will C. Wood Middle School, CA

Improving Our Environment

Recycling projects at Will C. Wood have earned the school special congressional recognition as a Ocean Guardian School by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Frankfort Senior High School, IN

Wind Energy Brochure

Frankfort Senior High EPICS students have produced an informative brochure to allow members of the Frankfort community to be better informed about the production of electricity from wind turbines. The community is going to have at least 1 wind farm and possibly more in the next 2 years. The students designed a pamphlet with both pros and cons for our community.    

Hotdog Mobile!

After a small electric car was donated to the school, four students began working on a design of a dog-like body to raise the spirit level of the school and community. Another four students are working to redesign the drive system on this 1975 electric car. The school is considering calling the adapted electric car “Sparky the Hotdogmobile”.

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Current School Projects

McCutcheon High School

McCutcheon students in Tippecanoe County, Indiana work on assistive technology needs within their school community.

Harbor Beach

Harbor Beach Students in Michigan have designed software to connect local food bank inventories and track clients.

Prospect Hill Academy

In Massachusetts, Prospect Hill Academy students design a green roof educational display to present to younger students.

Pacfic Ridge Campus


  • Campus Recycling Implementation and Maintenance
  • Worm Bin (Food Composting)
  • Athletic Equipment Needs
  • PRS Garden (Using Worm Compost)

Frederick Douglass Academy


  • Aquaponics System in Harlem Senior Center to Improve Air Quality
  • Design a Water Quality Sampling Station for the East River
  • Partner with Elementary Feeder School to Design Science Equipment for their Classrooms

High Tech High


  • Portable Raptor Cage
  • Light Writer Pendulum
  • Mobile Art Cart for Art Teacher
  • Adaptive Eating Tray for Special Needs Student
  • Custom Stage Stairs for Animals

Leicester High School


  • Portable Exhibit for Local Science Museum
  • Conducting Energy Audits for Low Income Housing Using Thermal Imaging
  • Constructing insulation out of Recycled Materials
  • Incorporating Green Technologies for Local Middle School

Yerba Buena High School


  • Students Designed and Built a Playhouse Structure for the Backyard at JW’s House for Families with Children in the Hospital
  • Solar Lighting Project on School Campus to Light Athletic Fields