VKML: The Virtual Kinetics of Materials Laboratory

The Virtual Kinetics of Materials Laboratory (VKML) is a web environment to develop microstructural evolution models by using FiPy, a powerful set of python-based libraries to write Partial Differential Equations. A basic set of examples is provided to simulate: a) the electrochemical transport kinetics of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries; b) simple diffusion and spinodal decomposition problems; c) Symbolic Thermodynamics using the Gibbs infrastructure; and d) basic examples to learn how to write a program with a simple GUI. Each example can be readily edited, debugged, and run online. The developed interface also provides a TKInter-based GUI, which enables the user to rapidly prototype flexible interfaces with sliders, menus, and buttons.

You can run and download VKML at https://nanohub.org/resources/vkmllive/.

Other (static) VKML modules are:

VKML : Dendritic Growth

VKML : Polycrystalline Growth and Coarsening

VKML : Spinodal Decomposition

VKML : Spinodal Decomposition 3D

Gibbs: Symbolic Computation of Materials Thermodynamics

dualfoil.py: Porous Electrochemistry for Rechargeable Batteries