dualfoil.py: Open Source GUI for the classic dualfoil software

dualfoil.py is a flexible application programming interface that allows for hierarchical control over the dualfoil legacy code (Newman model) and visualization modules. It provides the user with the ability to rapidly set up complex, multiscale simulations. By making use of the object oriented nature of Python, dualfoil.py allows the user to generate, organize, and visualize the electrochemical responses from various rechargeable battery systems. This versatile program allows for users of any skill level to achieve robust results in a control oriented and easily deployable manner.

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Python,Fortran, VKML.


Lucas D. Robinson, R. Edwin García. phone: (765) 494-0148 email: redwing@purdue.edu

Special thanks to Prof. John Newman for providing access to his Fortran software.

dualfoil.py can be downloaded here.