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Jarrod Lund is a graduate student at Purdue University in Materials Engineering. Raised in Chattanooga, TN, he completed a bachelor’s of science in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics at Brigham Young University (2017). He has done research in twisted torus knots, grain boundary percolation, grain boundary mobility, and, most recently, electro-chemical equilibrium in Lithium-based chemistries.

Jarrod is happily married to his wife, Alana Lund, a fellow graduate student at Purdue. Together they enjoy reading sci-fi, attending musical productions, and doing home improvement.

Research Interests

Calphad-based Phase Field Models

Advanced cathode materials in rechargeable lithium-ion battery technologies relies on the possibility of delivering high, stable, electrostatic potentials and large specific charge capacities. However, the charging and discharging of current battery materials induces the nucleation and growth of undesirable material phases. I look at a thermodynamically consistent basis to model materials with experimentally measured data and published density function theory results.


No open-source software has been published to date.