CMUXE People

b Jeffrey N. Brooks
Research Professor of Nuclear Engineering

Tel:  765-496-3630; Fax: 765-494-9570
E mail:
Purdue University, 400 Central Drive, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


Prof. Brooks is nationally and internationally known in the area of plasma material interactions in fusion devices. His research includes sputtering erosion/redeposition, tritium co-deposition, mixed materials performance in plasma facing components, and the plasma response. His current work includes analysis of current US and world tokamak plasma/surface interaction results, and the expected performance of the international thermonuclear experimental reactor (ITER).


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (New York University, 1972)

Research and academic interests

Plasma/surface interaction research modeling, code development and validation, lab experimental studies, analysis of present fusion experiments, design of plasma pacing components in ITER and future fusion reactors, high/power surface interaction. Modeling, analysis of issues for semiconductor, defense, high-energy physics, industrial application, integrated, peta-scale, multi-disciplinary computer simulation for fusion, biology, and other applications.


Selected Publications

  • J.N. Brooks et al., ”Particle deposition and optical response of ITER motional Stark effect diagnostic first mirrors”, Nuclear Fusion 48(2008)045003.
  • J.N. Brooks et al., “Mixed-material evolution analysis of the ITER divertor”,
    Journal of Nuclear Materials, 390-91 (2009) 123.
  • J.N. Brooks et al., “Plasma surface interaction issues of an all-metal ITER”,
    Nuclear Fusion  49 (2009) 035007