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Media Reports


1. Dr. Deng was promoted to be Associate Professor with tenure, April, 2013.
2. Jian Zhang receives the College of Engineering Magoon Awards for Excellence in Teaching, April, 2013.
3. Bo Cheng receives Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering, December 2012.
4. Jesse Roll receives M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, December 2012.
5. Dr. Deng received NSF grant on "Flight Control in Hummingbirds", September 2012.
6. Jesse Roll receives School of Mechanical Engineering Ingersoll-Rand Fellowship, April 2012.
7. Bo Cheng receives College of Engineering Hugh W. and Edna M. Donnan Graduate Fellowship, Feburary, 2012.
8. 2011 JEB Outstanding Paper Prize Award Finalist, "The Mechanics and Control of Pitchign Maneuvers in Hawkmoth Manduca Sexta", by Bo Cheng, Xinyan Deng* and Ty Hedrick, Journal of Experimental Biology (JEB), December 2011. (pdf)
9. Dr. Deng Co-Chaired and organized the NSF Workshop on "Frontiers in Dynamic Systms and Control", November 2011.
Media Reports
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