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Prof. Saeed Mohammadi                        Microelectronics and Nanotechnology
2264 Birck Nanotechnology Center
Tel: 765-494-3557

Current Graduate Students                 Research Interest
                  Devices (Passives, Nanoscale, Microwave and biosensor)

Sunkook Kim                                         Carbon Nanotube FETs
Teimour Maleki                                      Nanochannels and Nanopores for Biological Detection

                                  Circuits and Integration

Hanil Lee                                      Ultra-Low Power RFICs
Rosa Lahiji                                             3D Microwave Circuits
Laleh Rabieirad                                      Programmable RF Arrays
Jangjoon Lee                                          Radar on a Chip (Application of CMOS non-linear Circuits)     
Lin Yu                                                    Self-Assembled Integration / Carbon Nanotube Resonators and Mixers
Douglas Huang                                       RFICs
Gururaj Panamali                                    RFICs
Raghav Kapur                                        RFICs
Asad Mohammad                                   Heterogeneous Integration
Jun-De (Allen) Jin                                   CNT Circuits (Visitor from Taiwan National Tsing Hua University)

Former Graduate Students                  Research Interest

Aryo Santosa                                         SiC Devices (graduated Jan. 07, MS degree, now at Micron)
Tae-Young Choi                              Microwave CMOS ICs (graduated Jan. 07, Now postdoc at Purdue)
Daehee Weon                                        3D high Q Inductors / Transformers  (graduated April 07, PhD degree, now at Applied Materials)
Khiem Nguyen                                       Micromachined W-Band Klystrons (grauated April 07, MS degree)
Hasan Sharifi                                          Heterogeneous Integration for RF and Optoelectronic Applications (grauated Dec. 07, PhD degree)
David Chang                                           Low frequency Noise studies (graduated Dec. 07, BS degree)

Undergraduate Students                                                   

Chia-Yiaw Chong                                   CMOS Distributed Amplifiers


Research Projects
  • SiGe and CMOS Circuits for RF and Microwave Applications
  • 2D and 3D Heterogeneous Integration for RF, Microwave and Biomedical Applications
  • High Temperature Electronics
  • Carbon Nanotube Devices and Circuits
  • High-Q Passive Components
  • Nano-Biotechnology

Group Publications

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If you are interested in our research, please contact Prof Mohammadi at saeedm-at-purdue-dot-edu

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