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Cool Pictures

Various photographs of devices and circuits investigated in our lab.

A 10GHzCMOS receiver integrated with SAWLIT
Schematic of a CNT transistor with ALD oxide
3D inductors and transformers fabricated on flexible substrate
Heical 3D transformers
Batch Fabrication in SAWLIT integration technology
A multi-finger CNT fet with record high cutoff frequency of 2.5GHz (2005)
A 3 stage CMOS Amp A Si nanowire resonator fabricated with top-down approach
An integrated 10GHz filter-receiver in SAWLIT
A carbon nanotube transistor
A 3D toroidal inductor
Transparent display based on CNT transistors.
A 15Gb/sec integrated InP/CMOS optoelectronic receiver in SAWLIT
A multifinger CNT transistor on quartz substrate
RF measurement on a CMOS circuit
A toroidal 3D transformer
A high fmax CMOS transistor