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Facility Sensor Network Deployment and Protocols


Application-specific sensor network models and protocols for monitoring manufacturing and other systems

  1. What is optimal configuration/deployment of sensors?
  2. Effective utilization of resources under heterogeneous sensor environment
  3. How to collaboratively deliver/process/integrate sensors¡¯ data to meet quality/accuracy/service goals?


  1. Nonlinear Programming model for optimal deployment
  2. Fuzzy-based Interfered Sensory Data Processing Protocol (ISDPP)
    1. Use redundant data
    2. Calculate the confidence value for each sensor reading
    3. Compute fused value by FUSVAF
    4. Determine EWMA predictor by using an adaptive time series (dynamic adjustment by the state based on fuzzy logic)

Recent organizations involved

Center for Advanced Manufacturing at Purdue University, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division, Eli Lilly, Emerson

Sample Publications

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Jeong, W. and Nof, S. Y. (2007). Timeout-based information forwarding protocol for wireless sensor networks, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 3(4), pp. 331-346.


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