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Best Matching Protocol (BMP) for DFA/D


  • Enterprises can benefit from detailed manufacturing / part information (when needed)
  • Leverage already available information to improve product quality
  • Increase value in collaborative e-Work networks
  • Identification of partsĄŻ attributes for re-workability, re- manufacturing, and recycling
  • DFAD: assembly-oriented design of the product and the assembly/disassembly design for re-use and remanufacturing; is essential to the life-cycle engineering approach (Nof and Chen, 2003)


  • Enable matching of robot capabilities and tasks to be performed
  • CRP-I goals:
    1. Operational: match tool and fixture to task requirements and their availability
    2. Physical: match ability of robot to task requirements
    3. Geometric: determine capability of robot to execute the trajectory for assembly
  • Extended CRP (ECRP)
    • DFA principles enable better assembly planning but do not guarantee that conflicts and errors do not occur
    • ECRP uses the output from the CRP-I and CRP-II to detect and control conflicts and errors (Nof and Chen, 2003)
    • Mcr methodology (Lara and Nof, 2003)
    • NEFUSER methodology (Avila-Soria, 1999)

Recent organizations involved

Purdue Technical Assistance Program, IBM, General Motors, Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Sample Publications

Chiam, T. (2004). Modeling and Application of the Best-Matching Protocol. MS thesis, School of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.

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