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PRISM Luncheon, March 2019 L-R Xiang (Billy) He, Prof. Nof, Win P.V. Nguyen, Puwadol Dusadeerungsikul, Maitreya Sreeram, Radhika Bhargava, Lu Zhang, Ashwin Nair

PRISM meeting, March 2019 L-R Prof. Nof, Win P.V. Nguyen, Radhika Bhargava, Lu Zhang, Xiang (Billy) He, Ashwin Nair, Puwadol Dusadeerungsikul

PRISM meeting April 2016 L-R Jawahar, Mohsen, Alex, Nandi, Colin, Prof. Nof, Shimeng, Zijian, I-An, and Radhika

Rodrigo and his wife Mariel with Professor Nof at the College of Engineering Awards Ceremony, April 14, 2015. Rodrigo was awarded the 2015 CoE Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award .

2015 (left to right): Rishab Vardhan Harikrishnan;Jiaxi Li; Lu Zhang; Radhika Bhargava; Prof. Nof; Hao Zhong; Mohsen Moghaddam; Glenn Candranegara; Akhil Ranka; Rodrigo Reyes Levalle

PRISM Meeting, March 2014, Grissom Hall: (top, left to right): Hao Zhong; Prof. Nof; Rodrigo Reyes Levalle; Mohsen Moghaddam; (bottom, left to right): Lu Zhang ; Radhika Bhargava; Jiaxi Li; Glenn Candranegara

PRISM meeting March 2014 at the PRISM Lab, Grissom Hall.

PhD defense for Min Hyuk Kim, May 2011, at the Gilbreth Library in Grissom Hall. L-R: Colleague, Professor SC Lee, Min Hyuk Kim, Professors Tanchoco and Nof.

Hoosang Ko Receives Outstanding TA Award, April 2010 L-R: Colleague, Sandy, Professor Proctor, Hoosang, Prof. Landry, Prof. Nof.

2011 Workshop for Kimberly-Clark Latin America Supply Chain Managers. PRISM Instructors (standing, left to right): Hoosang Ko, Manuel Scavarda, Hyesung Seok, Nitin Khanna, Anurag Puranik
PRISM Meeting, 2009. (top, left to right): Hoosang Ko, Tao Hong, Prof. Nof, Ezhil Kanagaraju, Anurag Puranik, Cigdem Duru. (bottom, left to right): Sangwon Yoon, Lina Uribe, Xin Chen, Meerant Chokshi

PRISM Celebration, 2002 at the original Gilbreth Library, Grissom Hall. (top, left to right): Yan Liu, Juan Velasquez, Pierre, Prof. Nof. (bottom, left to right): Diana Milner, Jianhao Chen, Pornthep Anussornnitisarn

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