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Agricultural Robotic Systems
Best Matching Protocol
Collaborative Decision Networks
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PEOPLE - Graduated Students

Ph.D. Graduated Students

Name Degree Grad.Date Title Current*
Edward L. Fisher Ph.D. 1984 Knowledge Based Facilities Design Communications Consulting
Oded Z. Maimon Ph.D. 1984 Activity Controller for Multiple Robot Operation Tel. Aviv University
Jeng-Ping Shaw Ph.D. 1984 Distributed Knowledge Based System for the Intelligent Manufacturing Information System University of Illinois, Urbana
Abhijit Chaudhury Ph.D. 1989 Reasoning, Learning, and Coordination: Essays in Artificial Intelligence and Economics University of Mass., Boston
Venkat N. Rajan Ph.D. 1993 WCooperation Requirements Planning for Multi-Robot Assembly Cells i2 Technologies
James P. Witzerman Ph.D. 1995 A Facility Description Language for Distributed Design Integration General Motors
Amit Mukherjee Ph.D. 1995 Conceptual Design: Creating an Integrated Design Environment for Stamped Metal Parts United Airlines R&D
Chang O. Kim Ph.D. 1996 DAF-Net and Multi-Agent Based Integration Approach for Heterogeneous CIM Information Systems Yonsey University, Korea
Naraye P. Williams Ph.D. 1998 The Effectiveness of Protocol Adaptability in TestLAN-Based Production Environments i2 Technologies
Chin-Yin Huang Ph.D. 1999 Autonomy in Multi-Agent Based Manufacturing Organizations Tunghai University, R.O.C.
Jose A. Ceroni Ph.D. 1999 Models for Integration with Parallelism in Distributed Organizations Universida Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile
Marco A. Lara-Gracia Ph.D. 1999 Conflict Resolution in Collaborative Facility Design University of Southern Indiana
Jianhao Chen Ph.D. 2002 Optimization of Multi Enterprise Networks Northern State University

Pornthep Anussornnitisarn

Ph.D. 2003 Middleware with Active Protocols Kasetsart University, Thailand

Daniel Castro-Lacouture

Ph.D. 2003 B2B e -Work Intranet solution design for rebar supply interactions Georgia Tech

Yan Liu

Ph.D. 2006 Interactive visual data mining modeling to enhance understanding and effectiveness of the process Wright State University

Chih-Yung Huang

Ph.D. 2006 Molecular sensors for MEMS Tunghai University, Taiwan

Wootae Jeong

Ph.D. 2007 Fault-Tolerant Timeout Communication Protocols for Distributed Micro-Sensor Network System Korea Railroad Research Institute

Doo Young Lee

Ph.D. 2008 Korea University

Juan Diego Velasquez

Ph.D. 2009 Best-Matching Heuristics in Collaborative e-Work Purdue University

Xin W. Chen

Ph.D. 2009 Prognostics and diagnostics of conflicts and errors with prediction and detection logic Southern Illinois University

Sang Won Yoon

Ph.D. 2009 Distributed decision protocols for optimal demand and capacity sharing by collaborating enterprises Binghamton University

Hoo Sang Ko

Ph.D. 2010 Design of Protocols for Task Administration in Collaborative E-Work Systems Southern Illinois University

Manuel Scavarda

Ph.D. 2012 Collaboration Formalism for Supply Decisions Networks Kimberly-Clark

Hyesung Seok

Ph.D. 2013 Modeling and Analysis of Lateral Collaboration Decision Protocols in Supply Networks Hongik University, Korea

Rodrigo Reyes Levalle

Ph.D. 2015 Resilience by Teaming in Supply Networks American Airlines

Hao Zhong

Ph.D. 2016 Dynamic Lines of Collaboration in e-Work Systems Climate Corporation

Mohsen Moghaddam

Ph.D. 2016 Best matching processes in distributed systems Northeastern University

Radhika Bhargava

Ph.D. 2019 Adversarial Anomaly Detection Twitter

Puwadol (Oak) Dusadeerungsikul

Ph.D. 2020 Operations Analytics and Optimization for Unstructured Systems: Cyber Collaborative Algorithms and Protocols for Agricultural Systems Chulalongkorn University

Win P.V. Nguyen

Ph.D. 2020 Collaborative Response to Disruption Propagation (CRDP) Virginia Tech

*Former students: Please update.

M.S. Graduated Students

Name Degree Grad.Date Title Hired by*
Michael J. Herald M.S. 1978 Zenith
Richard Gurecki M.S. 1979 Data General
Rolland E. Stroup M.S. 1979 Boston Investments
Hanan Lechtman M.S. 1981 Advanced Control Systems, Israel
Andrew P. Robinson M.S. 1984 Lockheed Marietta
Robert G. Wilhelm M.S. 1984 University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Cristy J. Sellers M.S. 1985 Hewlett Packard
Daud Hanna M.S. 1986 Holis Blinds, Israel
Richard Nash M.S. 1988 Dannelly Corp.
Neal S. Widmer M.S. 1989 Purdue University
Scott W. Frederick M.S. 1989 Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Bernhard Rembold M.S. 1989 Mercedes Benz, Germany
Robert T. Wiegner M.S. 1990 Ford Motor Co.
Ignacio Puig M.S. 1990 Consulting Firm, Spain
Gavin Furtado M.S. 1991 Ford Motor CO.
Graeme Warren M.S. 1991 Purdue University
Mark R. Kosyba M.S. 1992  
Robert M. Remski M.S. 1993 Microelectronics Mfg.
Geoffrey M. Lenart M.S. 1993 NIBCO Corp.
James P. Witzerman M.S. 1993 General Motors
Jon Pardue     Reynolds Automation
Sanjay T. Jayaram M.S. 1994 Delco Electronic
Nitin Khanna M.S. 1994 Oracle
Howard Kang M.S. 1994 Anderson Consulting
Keyvan Esfarjany M.S. 1994 Intel
Naraye P. Williams M.S. 1994 i2 Technologies
Chin-Yin Huang M.S. 1995 Tunghai University, R.O.C
Jose Peralta M.S. 1996 Schlumberger
Jose A. Ceroni M.S. 1996 Universida Catolica de, Valparaiso, Chile
E. El khatib M.S. 1997 i2 Technologies
Jorge Avila-Soria M.S. 1999 University of Arizona
John Auer M.S. 2000 IUPUI
ChweeBeng Ang M.S. 2000 Singapore Government
Diana Milner M.S. 2001  
Yan Liu M.S. 2001  Coursera, California
Thomas Bellocci M.S. 2001    
Tze Chao Chiam M.S. 2004  
Chao-Lung Yang M.S. 2004  
Xin W. Chen M.S. 2005  Purdue PhD
Ching-Yi Wu M.S. 2007 TSMC
Heejong Lim M.S. 2008 LG Display
Meerant Chokshi M.S. 2009 United Health Care
Yigit Ozcan M.S. 2009 Ford Motor Company
Nitin Vallapuneni M.S. 2010 Solving supplier selection problem by fuzzy clustering and neural network techniques UnitedHealth Group
Ezhil Kanagaraju M.S. 2010 Exception handling for demand management in a collaborative supply network Terra Technology
Anurag Puranik M.S. 2010 Direct/indirect delivery decisions in a collaborative supply distribution network Discover Financial Services, Greater Chicago Area
Engin Ozsoy M.S. 2011 Co-insights for multi-criteria decision making Media-Saturn, Turkey
Prabhu Devadasan M.S. 2011 Collaborative intelligence measure for knowledge based service industry Mu Sigma, New York
Hao Zhong M.S. 2012 Hub-based telerobotics Purdue PhD
Karna Vaibhav Singh M.S. 2012 A. T. Kearney
Lina Uribe M.S. 2012 Collaborative decision making for supply network decisions Cummins
Glenn Candranegara M.S. 2015 Conflict and error management: A case in the furniture industry Katwara, Indonesia
Jiaxi Li M.S. 2015 Dynamic storage planning and control in a warehouse wtih robotic equipment Foxconn, Indianapolis
Lu Zhang M.S. 2015 Design of protocol for collaborative task assignment in heterogeneous robotic material handling systems Hughes Network Systems, Maryland
Akhil Rankha M.S. 2015 Amazon, Seattle
Rohit Kshirsagar M.S. 2015 Integrated Negotiation Protocol for Supplier Selection in a Multiple Sourcing Environment Apple, Cupertino
Vradharajan Mohan M.S. 2015 Apple, Cupertino
Arfinandi Ferialdy M.S. 2016 Graph theoretical analysis of the Dynamic Lines of Collaboration model for disruption response Axtria - Ingenious Insights
Zijian He M.S. 2016 Service-level based response by assignment and order processing for warehouse automation
Shimeng Lv M.S. 2016
Shaodong Zhang M.S. 2016
Jawahar Krishna Gogineni M.S. 2017 Partial Least Square Methodology for Error Detection and Prevention (PLS/EDP), Without Knowledge of Intermediate Stages of Incipient Error
Praditya Ajidarma M.S. 2017 Multi-Sensor Fault Tolerant Learning Algorithm in an Agricultural Robotic System
Ashwin Nair M.S. 2019 A HUB-CI model for Networked Telerobotics in Collaborative Monitoring of Agricultural Greenhouses John Deere
Maitreya Sreeram M.S. 2020

*Former students: Please update.

B.S. Honor and Undergraduate Research
Name Degree Grad.Date Title Hired by*
Judith A. Kastura B.S.Honor 1991    
Sergio Carranza B.S.Honor 1991 3M
Nitin Khanna B.S.Honor 1992 Oracle
Paul J. Thorpe B.S.Honor 1993 Trans-Coil Inc.
Virginia M. Serna B.S.Honor 1994 Allied Signal
Orlena Nwoka B.S.Honor 1994    
Young Ro B.S.Honor 1995 University of Michigan
ShuChing Lam B.S.Honor 1998    
Jimmy Morris B.S.Honor 1999  
Mohammad Barghouty B.S.Honor 1999    
Ardi Octorio B.S.Honor 1999    
July Wijaya B.S.Honor 1999 Ingersoll-Rand
Parbati Ray B.S.Honor 2001  
Jean Paul Clement B.S.Honor 2002    
Garrett Graham B.S.Honor 2002    
Idil Ozerlat B.S.Honor 2003    
Luis Restrepo B.S.Honor 2005    
Peter Tornga B.S.Honor 2006    
Wonyup Ko B.S.Honor 2007    
Meerant Chokshi B.S.Honor 2007  
Manuel Iyi B.S.Honor 2008 Deloitte Consulting LLP
Necmi Balci B.S.Honor 2008    
A. Duvvuru B.S.Honor 2008    
Cigdem Duru B.S.Honor 2009    
Lina Uribe B.S.Honor 2009    
Kwanghyun Cho B.S.Honor 2009    
Tao Hong B.S.Honor 2012    
T. Loescher B.S.Honor 2012    
George Andreev B.S.Honor 2012    
Cesar Renyaga B.S.Honor 2013    
Giovanna Bandinelli B.S.Honor 2015    
I-An Angela Lin B.S. 2016   Testengeer, Inc.
Alexander DeVries B.S.Honor 2016    
Ana Lucia Rodriguez Porras B.S.Honor 2016    
Brian Cortes B.S. 2016    
Harsh Singh B.S.Honor 2018    
Devin P. McDonough B.S. 2019    
Jace Newell B.S. Honor 2022    

*Former students: Please update.

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