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My work aims to attain autonomous operations of systems that have uncontrollable inputs and operate in unstructured environments. I have harnessed the 'Moore's law' growth of computational and sensing hardware with rigorous mathematical tools to enable autonomy of unmanned vehicles, the smart grid, and sensor networks.

Research Topics

  • Navigation with natural signals

  • Energy management

  • Toward Autonomy 

    • A framework for autonomous path and mission planning that permits a few operators to control a large number of assets.
    • Reducing the cost of health monitoring through suitable sensing design and adaptation.
    • Control laws that enable high throughput for hydraulic machines without compromising safety, while reducing energy consumption
  • Active security management

  • Using Big Data from Sensors

  • Traffic Safety   I am co-PI in SPR-3831: Safety Acquisition and Management (Data Portal and TScan)
  • We are tracking traffic microscopically with Lidar to determine safety of various locations. We determine safety far faster without the need for accident statistics.
  • System Theory for Policy Making

    I won a grant in collaboration with political science, communication and civil engineering. We are developing methods to ensure strategic consistency in policy making, and avoid the conflicts between individual and group objectives in the context of water policy.






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