Christopher K. Russell

Graduate Research Assistant

Co-advised by Professors Jeffrey Miller and Jeffrey Greeley

Professional Networks




  • Schlumberger, Integrated Fluids & Solids Engineer, (2015-2016)

Project Description

Synthesis and characterization of high temperature olefin oligomerization catalyst materials and elucidation of reaction mechanisms and intermediates on their surfaces with the goal of designing regenerable catalysts that operate at temperatures similar to that of dehydrogenation. 

Recent Publications

  • Sun, Z., S. Chen., Christopher K. Russell, J. Hu, A. H. Rony, G. Tan, J. Boman, J. Tang, T. Chien, M. Fan, W Xiang. 2018. Ca2Fe2O5: A promising oxygen carrier for CO/CH4 conversion and almost-pure H2 production with inherent CO2 capture over a two-step chemical looping hydrogen generation process. Applied Energy 211: 431-442.
  • Zhao Sun, Shiyi Chen, Christopher K. Russell, Jun Hu, Asif H. Rony, Gang Tan, Aimin Chen, Lunbo Duan, John Boman, Jinke Tang, TeYu Chien, Maohong Fan, Wenguo Xiang. 2018. Improvement of H2-rich gas production with tar abatement from pine wood conversion over bi-functional Ca2Fe2O5 catalyst: Investigation of inner-looping redox reaction and promoting mechanisms. Applied Energy. 212: 931-943.
  • Zhao Sun, Xiaodong Wu, Christopher K. Russell, M. Darby Dyar, Elizabeth C. Sklute, Sam Toan, Maohong Fan, Lunbo Duan, Wenguo Xiang. 2019. Synergistic enhancement of chemical looping-based CO2 splitting with biomass cascade utilization using cyclic stabilized Ca2Fe2O5 aerogel. J. Mater. Chem. A. Advance Article.
  • Zhao Sun, Liang Zeng, Christopher K. Russell, Shiyi Chen, Lunbo Duan, Wenguo Xiang, and Jinlong Gong. 2018. A solar-wind-bio ecosystem for biomass cascade utilization with multi-generation of formic acid, hydrogen, and graphene. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng.