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MultiSpec© is distributed without charge. See What's New for information about the changes in the latest release. Note that the Windows version now includes all of the processors that are in the Macintosh version. The differences are listed here.

Please see the Read Me file for information on what to do after either of the MultiSpec packages listed below have been download. You may want to print a copy of the 'Read Me' file for later reference. Note that the MultiSpec archives are in self extracting zip files instead of zip files. You should be able to extract the files without having a zip application.

Each of the MultiSpec packages include some sample image files. These are the same ones used in the tutorial in "An Introduction to MultiSpec".

The " 2020.09.09 MultiSpec 64-bit version" requires Windows7/Windows8/Windows10 operating system (20 megabytes). This version includes a setting which allows it to be automatically scaled on high DPI monitors. The older version is still available below if you run into problems with this version. I have only been testing on Windows 10 running in a VM environment.

The " 2020.02.29 MultiSpec 64-bit version" requires Windows7/Windows8/Windows10 operating system (20 megabytes). Note: a suggestion to run on high density monitors is to change the high DPI settings for MultiSpec. (right click on the application icon (MultiSpec not open), select properties, select Compatibility, select 'Change high DPI settings' near the bottom, select 'High DPI scaling override', then the option 'System (Enhanced)'.

Archive Versions for older Windows architectures.

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