MultiSpec Download Read Me File

After downloading to your hard disk, you will have one of two situations depending upon how your World Wide Web viewer is configured - a file with a suffix of 'exe' or a folder with the five files listed below.

If you have a file named multspcz, multsppz or MultiSpecWin32z with the 'exe' suffix, you have a self extracting zip archive. You will just need to double click on this file to extract the five files in the zip archive.

When decompressed, you will see that the MultiSpec folder contains:

  1. a transmittal letter, entitled 'readme_W32.txt'.
  2. a copy of the latest version of MultiSpec for Windows.
  3. a Microsoft Word document entitled 'MultiSpec - A Multispectral Image Data Analysis System' is included and provides a brief summary of MultiSpec functional capabilities. This document is labeled MultiSpec_Description.doc.
  4. a small Thematic Mapper data set labeled TIPJUL1.LAN.
  5. a sample GIS file in the form of a ground truth map of the TM data area, labeled JTIPSUB1.GIS, and one with the suffix .TRL, which contains information used by the program such as color palette information.
  6. a sample ArcView shape file labeled TRoads.shp

The documentation for MultiSpec titled "An Introduction to MultiSpec" is available in Acrobat PDF format. You can download the documentation separately. The above image files are used in the tutorial section of "An Introduction to MultiSpec".