One participant described three ways the Academy helped with watershed leadership:

It " provided a network of peers to share ideas and commiserate with,

- confirmed that we were on track with our approach to watershed planning, and

- provided new methods/approaches, several of which have subsequently been implemented in recent planning efforts."

Indiana Watershed Leadership Program Contacts

Jane Frankenberger, Professor and Extension Water Quality Engineer, is Project Director for the Watershed Academy.


Main Contact for Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy

Sara Peel is coordinating the Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy. Please contact Sara with questions.


Sara's Email for the Academy:

Telephone: 765-337-9100

Steering Committee:

The program is collaborating with organizations and agencies through a steering committee of representatives active in water quality and watershed efforts throughout Indiana. A number of committee members serve as instructors in the Watershed Management course.

Mailing Address:

Indiana Watershed Leadership Program
c/o Jane Frankenberger
Purdue University, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
225 S. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2093


Former Academy Leaders



Laura Esman is now at the Purdue Natural Resources Social Science Lab.

Brent Ladd is now at the Purdue University Center for Science of Information.

Photo Shorna Broussard Shorna Broussard is now at Cornell University.

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