Strengthening our capacity for successful watershed management.

"This is a great educational experience. You learn a lot about the nuts and bolts of water quality management as well as ideas for how this work fits into the broader efforts to improve our environment. In addition to this, the networking is fantastic -- both with the instructors and your fellow students." -


The Indiana Watershed Leadership Program offered a series of free webinars from 2011-2015, making some of Indiana's most knowledgeable speakers available to all. These archived recordings are still available, so you can learn without leaving your office.

Indiana Watershed Webinar Series: Sharing experiences and ideas to strengthen watershed managment

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Webinars by topic

Approximately 50 webinars organized by 9 topics:

Other webinar series hosted by the Indiana Watershed Leadership Program :

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment: Treatment Technologies, System Design, and Management Strategies Webinar Series. This webinar series was sponsored by Conservation Technology Information Center, US Environmental Protection Agency, and Tetra Tech and was held in November and December 2010. Recordings and presentations are available.

Monitoring and Assessment for Watershed Plans: Identifying, Accessing, and Using Data to Protect and Restore Indiana’s Waters. This webinar series was originally conducted live in May 2010. Presentations were by Barry Tonning of Tetra Tech, moderated by Jane Frankenberger, Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University, and Director of the Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy. Recordings and presentations are available.

Agricultural Drainage Management Strategies to Improve Water Quality. This webinar was held jointly with the Ohio Watershed Academy and the Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy in April 2010. A recording is available.