Program Mission:

Strengthening local capacity for successful watershed management.

Through collaborative efforts, we work to improve watershed management skills, provide forums for exchange of problems and solutions, and build an effective watershed support network in Indiana.


The Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy educates watershed coordinators, teachers, volunteers, engineers, district staff, non-profit organizations, and others to lead watershed efforts that improve water quality in Indiana. Led by Jane Frankenberger, Project Director, and Sara Peel, Academy Coordinator, more than 400 people have participated since the Academy started in 2006.

For details about this year's academy and potentially enrolling, click on the "Academy" tab. Contact Sara Peel with any questions about enrolling and whether it is a good fit for you. The Academy, organized by Purdue University with support from Indiana’s major conservation agencies and organizations, gives participants the chance to:

“Distance learning allows participants to learn in their own way on their own time. It
is like a virtual classroom that's open for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It allows
you to learn at your own pace.” – Cindy Baker, Clinton County Soil & Water Conservation District, Resource Conservation Specialist

“This is a great educational experience. You learn a lot about the nuts and bolts of water quality management as well as ideas for how this work fits into the broader efforts to improve our environment. The networking is fantastic—both with the instructors and your fellow students.” – Mark Krivchenia, Wildcat Creek Foundation

"I now have the tools to accomplish the goals of the watershed management plan as well as a great network for help support." Robert Miller, Central Muscatatuck Watershed Coordinator

"Participation in the Academy provided me a broader appreciation of the various stakeholders that must be engaged for a successful watershed project.  While opinions and views may differ, most people desire the same thing -- sustained access to clean water!" -Tim Rienks, CHMMM