Mechanical Engineering

The Tepole Lab investigates how the mechanical form and function of living systems emerges across scales, from modeling cell mechanobiology and regulatory networks, to the tissue level mechanical behavior. We develop new mathematical models and numerical methods to capture these multi-scale multi-field phenomena, and we apply our tools to relevant clinical scenarios.

Unlike structural materials, tissues actively adapt to their environment by signaling networks between mechanical cues, cells, and chemicals across several temporal and spatial scales. The fundamental interplay between form and function, from the cell to the tissue level, gives rise to the complex mechanical behavior of living tissue. Modeling, experimentation, and computation can, on the one hand, help us understand the fundamental mechanisms underlying tissue adaptation, while ultimately generating inexpensive technologies to improve healthcare. My research uses the theory of mechanics and computational systems biology to characterize tissue response in relevant medical problems.

En español! Para quienes estén interesados en conocer nuestra investigación en español, recientemente tuve la oportunidad de dar un seminario virtual en Chile, casi por completo en español.