Academic Resources

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Courses and degrees online from Purdue are rigorous and rewarding. You will be best prepared for success if you take advantage of the many resources available to you.

Academic Calendar 

The academic calendar provides critical dates you should add to your personal calendar to ensure you don't miss an important deadline.

Academic Success Center

Purdue has a wide variety of ways to help students succeed in the classroom including downloadable clips and handouts for online students.


Many of your online courses will be using Brightspace for activities such as homework submission, exam reviews, and discussion forums. Learn the basics of Brightspace the student tutorials.

Buying Textbooks

You are responsible to purchase books and materials required for your courses. While we include textbook information in our course description pages, the official listings will be available in the Schedule of Classes and are subject to change. Before you buy, if you have questions, please contact the academic department or the course instructor.

Disability Resource Center

The purpose of Purdue University's Disability Resource Center (DRC) is to act as a facilitator of services for qualified students with disabilities as they pursue their higher education goals.

Purdue University is committed to creating a campus that is fully accessible to everyone and to eliminating discrimination against people with disabilities. The University believes that every individual is entitled to an opportunity equal to his or her abilities. Purdue strives to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to become and remain employed, participate in activities, and benefit from programs at all levels within the institution pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA).

Exam Schedule

It is the students responsibility to ensure when their proctored or take-home exams occur.


Online students have access to the Purdue University libraries system. Nearly 50% of the library volumes are available electronically. You may want to start by visiting the tutorials to learn how to make the libraries work best for your needs.

Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students advocate for student issues, needs and concerns; responds to emergency and crises situations affecting students; and represents the University to various constituencies.

Online Writing Lab

Purdue's writing lab is an exceptional resource for Purdue students. Services include workshops, handouts to help students of all skill levels with their writing abilities, software to assist students for whom English is a second language, an online writing lab with a variety of self-help resources, and tutors who respond to specific e-mail queries.

Plan of Study 

Each graduate student admitted to a degree program must file a Plan of Study (POS) via Purdue's electronic Plan of Study Generator (ePOSG).

Policies & Handbooks 

Purdue University makes available resources to promote responsibility and encourage honesty, integrity, and respect among Purdue students, faculty, and staff. Understanding and compliance with Departmental, Graduate School and the broader University policies and handbooks is the responsibility of each student.


View a list of tutoring services offered through Student Success at Purdue. Private tutoring using a tutor matching service is available to online students who may not be able to utilize the on-campus help centers.

Veteran's Success Center

Purdue provides specialized support for veterans, military students, and benefit-eligible family members. To understand and apply for your educational benefits, contact a Veterans Certifying Official. You can receive assistance in the event of a call to active duty through our Department of Veterans Affairs.