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New Online Student Checklist

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What department am I admitted to?
Locate your official admission letter from the Graduate School by logging into your application portal. Locate the "Graduate Major" on your admission letter (you may need to scroll down). If the major states "Interdisciplinary Engineering" you are admitted to Purdue Engineering Online; this is also your home department. If the "Graduate Major" states Aeronautics and AstronauticsComputer ScienceElectrical and Computer EngineeringIndustrial Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering, that is the department you are admitted to and considered your home department. You will work with your home department and Purdue Engineering Online (PEO). PEO is the distance component. 

When do I contact my Home Department and when do I contact Purdue Engineering Online ?
Contact Purdue Engineering Online: Registration Steps, Available Courses, Add/Drop Classes, Exam Process, Lecture Access, Distance Tuition.
Note: If you selected Interdisciplinary Engineering as your major on your application, you are admitted to Purdue Engineering Online and will solely work with our department for everything related to your degree, registration, exams, distance tuition and lectures. 
Our Staff

Contact Home Department: Degree Requirements, Course Selection, Registration PIN, Plan of Study, Transfer Credits Important: Student who are not admitted to Purdue Engineering Online will work with their home department AND Purdue Engineering Online. Simply, we are the distance competent during your graduate studies. 

Purdue Student ID Number (PUID): Familiarize yourself with your 10-digit Purdue University identification number (PUID). It was provided in your official admission letter from the Graduate School within your application portal; you may be asked to recall it for verification purposes. ID cards are issued and shipped during the first semester of enrollment to distance students admitted to one of our online master's degrees.

Accepting Admission: Even if you have notified your program whether or not you will be coming to Purdue, please complete the Graduate School's official reply form online. If you haven't already, you can complete the online reply form by following the outlined steps.

Purdue Career and Email Accounts: Your Purdue Career and Email Accounts are created at the time of your admission to Purdue. Following acceptance of admission, you must set up your Career Account. myPurdue uses your Career Account username and password, as does most ITaP (Information Technology at Purdue) tools such as e-mail, remote software, and Blackboard.  You must check your Purdue Email regularly as it is the official email address used by the university to communicate with you. Your Purdue Career and Email Accounts are created at the time of your admission to Purdue.  When you receive your formal admission letter from the Graduate School (sent via email), this needs to be opened, viewed and accepted for your admission to be complete.  This will also trigger your Initial Account Password to be sent in a second email.  The password takes approximately 1 business day to be sent.  If you do not receive your password as expected, please send an email to and request to have the Initial Account Password resent. 
Career Account Setup

myPurdue: This is the student self-service portal for your academic, financial, and campus information. This is where you will self-register for courses, verify and update address and contact information, review grades, obtain transcripts, make online payments, view your course schedule and so much more.

  • Registration: Summer registration opens in January, Fall registration opens in March, and Spring registration opens in October. Students will need their Registration PIN and list of Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) to self-register in myPurdue. You will self-register for all courses. If a course requires instructor permission to register, you must email the instructor for approval so that an override can be entered by the PEO Graduate Office. Important: Your schedule in myPurdue will immediately reflect the course you register in; however, distance registrations are imported into the PEO database the following day. At that time, you will receive an email from our office confirming the course(s) you have registered for and access to the course lectures. If you register in an on-campus section, you will not have access to the lectures nor will PEO be notified so make sure you have the appropriate distance CRN.

Registration (Step-by-Step)

  • Registration Time Ticket: myPurdue uses registration groups to assign a time when a student can register for classes. You may be restricted from enrolling if you have a hold on your record. 
  • Holds:Students cannot change their curriculum if they have a hold on their record. Students can verify holds by accessing myPurdue, Registration tab, and then selecting "Do I have any holds?" For questions pertaining to a specific hold, please contact the Originator Department (Hold Contact List) that is associated with each hold type for information or determine the action necessary to resolve the hold. 

How to Remove Emergency Contact Hold (video)
How to Remove your Financial Responsibility Hold

  • eBilling: All invoicing will be done electronically and made available in myPurdue.  You can access your invoice and make an online payment using the Bills & Payments Tab. First invoices generate around April 15, July 15 and November 25 for summer, fall and spring respectively.​
  • Paying For Courses: Tuition is due by the first day of classes each semester. You can pay online through myPurdue by electronic check/bank transfer with no fee or by credit card (2.75% convenience fee), setup an installment plan through the Bursar, or third party-payment where we can bill your employer or tuition-assistance program if a voucher or written authorization is provided to the Bursar. Financial Aid may be available to distance students and Veterans educational benefits are available for eligible students.
  • Confirm Enrollment: Students must also confirm their enrollment each term to let the University know they plan on attending as well as to make sure they have met all required financial obligations. Enrollment Confirmation is an important step for all students to complete in order to prevent the cancellation of their class registration. Students can confirm enrollment after invoices are released and prior to the term cancellation process, which is determined by the Bursar’s Office. Although students are able to confirm enrollment via myPurdue, they are not safe from cancellation until their balance due is 0.00 (zero), which can be the result of payment in full, enrollment in an installment plan, or payment in full by financial aid funds.

 How to Confirm Enrollment

  • Add or Drop Courses: Students will be able to view their class schedule and add or modify classes via myPurdue during the first week of the fall and spring semesters. Adding a class during the second week of the semester is not recommended and requires the instructor's written permission.  Make note of the refund and withdrawal deadlines each semester. Refund dates for the regular spring and fall semesters are outlined in the academic calendar on the PEO website. These dates are firm. If you are past the deadline to add or drop a course, please notify Purdue Engineering Online via Manage My Account.

Purdue Engineering Online (PEO): You will find the PEO website a valuable resource for many things related to distance education. Feel free to bookmark any useful sites or file communications to be referred to for future reference. 

  • Academic Calendar: The academic calendar contains important dates and deadlines you will need to make note of and be mindful of as you travel through each semester. While online courses follow the Universities academic calendar for the most part, you will need to visit this calendar where you will only be able to find the refund dates that apply to the online courses.
  • Distance Course Catalog: Use the search function or advance planning schedule to display a comprehensive list of available distance courses. It is the students responsibility to determine if they have the necessary background and experience needed for any course in which they seek to enroll. You are encouraged to click on the course title to review important details such learning objectives, the course description, topics covered, pre-requisites, the number of assignments and exams expected, projects, software needed, and other special notes. You may reach out to the instructor listed should you have specific questions about the course.
  • Tuition and Fees: The tuition and fees for distance courses can only be found on our website. Tuition is per 3 credit-hour course unless otherwise stated.  All fees are due by the first day of classes every semester. 

Manage My AccountThis portal resides within the PEO website and is specifically for online graduate students and will be used throughout your academic career to update and confirm your exam proctor each semester, obtain a list of the distance Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) used to register, submit drop requests,access course lectures, connect with other students, retrieve your Registration PIN, and more. You will locate the log in with the career account credentials.

  1. Add or Drop CoursesImportant: If you are past the deadline to add or drop a course within myPurdue, please notify PEO via Manage My Account.​​
  2. Connect with other students: To sign up for the student connect portal within Manage My Account, simply check the boxes next the information you would like to appear in the portal. (Name and email, current courses, employer, and location.) by opting in to the student connect portal, you are agreeing to the Student Code of Conduct
  3. Course Reference Number (CRN): Each course has a unique 5-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) that is used in myPurdue for registration.  A list of available distance courses with their CRN’s is available to distance students through the Manage My Account portal. It is important you have the appropriate distance CRN in order to access your course lectures.
  4. Registration PIN: A unique registration PIN is assigned to you each semester and is released by your home academic department.  You will be prompted to enter your PIN when registering in myPurdue.  Most departments distribute PINs through the Banner PIN siteImportant: Students admitted to PEO will access their Registration PIN through Manage My Account and by selecting "Retrieve Registration PIN".
  5. Taking Exams: To ensure that your Purdue degree remains well respected over time, it is essential that we maintain the academic integrity of our exam process. That is why we require you to take exams in the presence of an approved proctor.  You will need to identify your proctor before the semester begins.  If there is a fee for using a testing site, payment will be your responsibility. If you are not using your employer for your exam site, you may want to start looking for an approved public exam site by checking the National College Testing Association website.
  6. Viewing Lectures: You do not have to watch lectures at a specific time of day. Courses are not self-paced so you will need to view course lectures regularly in order to keep current with homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. Courses are delivered in a downloadable format. Access course lectures via Manage My Account. Unless otherwise noted, all streaming video courses are encoded from live classes. Lectures for the day's recorded session will be available within 2 hours of the live session ending. The live access feed will be active 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes after the course's scheduled time. All times listed are U.S. Eastern. Once posted, lectures will be available until approximately one week after the semester ends.

Check with your Home Department for more details regarding: 
Electronic Plan of Study (ePOS): All degree seeking graduate students (this does not include non-degree) are required to submit an electronic plan of study (ePOS) through Purdue University's ePOS generator as soon as possible in their program. This ePOS serves as a contract between the student, their advisory committee, and the Graduate School. It lists the courses that the student expects to take for the degree program, any concentration the student is pursuing, the faculty members who will mentor them throughout their study and other key degree-related items. The ePOS opens one month into the first semester of enrollment for those admitted to a degree program. Likely the ePOS system is not open directly upon admission. 
Important: Students admitted to the Interdisciplinary Engineering (MSE/MS) degree program will start with a plan of study worksheet that the Graduate Program Coordinator will use to create their ePOS for them. The worksheet is not an official plan of study; it is designed to help you understand the degree requirements. A separate plan of study/faculty advisor email will be sent detailing next steps.

Transfer Courses: A limited number of graduate courses taken at another university may be transferred to a Purdue POS provided the courses are of sufficient graduate standing to replace similar Purdue courses.  Students will submit a request before completing the ePOS with documentation including a syllabus that will be reviewed by their academic Graduate Program Office.
Important: Students admitted to our department will receive more information about transfer courses within the separate plan of study email.

Other Contacts

  • Bursar: Billing & Invoices, Installment Plan, "Banner Accounts Receivable" holds, Refunds
  • Financial Aid: Financial Aid
  • The Graduate School ( The Graduate Programs Office oversees the development of all academic graduate programs, including, all graduate degrees, certificates, concentrations, and courses for approximately 100 graduate departments across Purdue's five campuses. BS Diploma/Transcript holds, Recommendation letters, Other
  • International Students & Scholars (ISS): The Office of International Students and Scholars (ISS) is committed to the internationalization of Purdue University by providing appropriate services and support to international clientele and various University departments and offices. ISS seeks to enhance the academic, cultural, and social pursuits of students and scholars from abroad through knowledge and expertise in recruitment, admissions, immigration, and advising.
  • iTap (Information Technology at Purdue): Issues with your Purdue email and career account Gold Answers knowledge base (self-help)
  • Registrar: Restricting Your Purdue Directory Information, Transcripts( If you are currently, or were recently, enrolled at Purdue University and have the Academic tab on the myPurdue portal you may access the myPurdueTranscript system by following the 'Order Transcripts' Quick Link on that tab.) *Contact your program department with course registration issues.

Other Academic Resources found on the our website:
Academic Calendar
Buying Textbooks
Disability Resource Center
Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Getting acquainted with distance learning and the available resources at at Purdue University may take some time; we are happy to answer your questions or connect you with the appropriate department if you are still unsure!

You can expect more emails focused on:
Account Setup, Registration, Paying for Courses, Exam Process, Lecture Access, Refund & Withdrawal, Plan of Study 

Contact a member of our staff at 765-494-7015 or