Add or Drop A Class

If you are considering changing your schedule, be sure you consider the possible financial and academic implications. The timing of the change may impact the method you will need to use, your financial responsibility and your transcript, your plan of study and possibly even your graduation date. Purdue's policies support the student veterans and military reservists in the event of a call to active duty.

Add/Drop Period

If students have no holds that block registration, they may add or drop classes continually through myPurdue before the semester begins.

You may modify your schedule during the first week of the fall and spring semesters without financial implications. Beginning the second week of classes, you must initiate the request with our office . Courses dropped during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters will not appear on your academic record. Schedule revision dates for summer sessions are adjusted proportionally.

Late Drop Period

Dropping a course during weeks 3 and 4 of a full semester will result in a grade of 'W' on your academic record. If a full semester course is dropped during weeks 5 through 9, the instructor must indicate whether you are passing or failing at the time, and the appropriate grade of 'W' or 'WF' (see below for explanation of these grades) will be entered on your academic record. Schedule revision dates for summer sessions are adjusted proportionally.

'W' - Withdrew Passing
'WF' - Withdrew Failing

If you need to modify your schedule and the Drop or Add Action is no longer available in myPurdue, you must submit your request online through the Current Students portal. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure the schedule revision is communicated to "Purdue Online, College of Engineering" or Purdue Engineering Professional Education (ProEd) after classes begin.

Dropping vs Withdrawing

Revising your schedule to reduce your credit hour load, while remaining enrolled in at least one course, is considered "Dropping". If you are canceling the last or only class on your schedule, the university considers this "Withdrawing".

A student who wishes to withdraw from the University during any semester or summer session shall begin the withdrawal process by logging on to MyPurdue, select the Academic tab, select the "Withdraw from the University" link and complete the form. Once the form is submitted, confirmation will be sent to the student's Purdue email address.

Tips before you add or drop a class:

  • Consult your academic advisor before adding or dropping any classes, as it may affect your curriculum plan.
  • Changes made in myPurdue occur in real time.
  • Consider your course load, extracurricular activities and personal/professional obligations when adding a new class. 80% of our working professionals take only 1 course per semester.
  • Be mindful of course prerequisites or other requirements before attempting to a add a course.
  • Be sure to consult Financial Aid to ensure you are not dropping below the course load of Half Time Enrollment Status (4 credit hours).
  • If you have unavoidable absences beyond your control that will prevent you from continuing with a course, consider an Incomplete (I) grade. It does not initially affect your GPA nor do you earn credit for the class. Check with the instructor if this is a possibility.
  • If you have a Military Call-Up, you will need to provide a copy of your military orders to the Veterans Success Center.