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Faculty Resources

The quality and prestige of our courses are possible through the dedication of faculty like you. Our staff is here to provide you with support and resources. Our producers offer training on the technology in our studio and mediated classrooms; the office staff coordinate the exam process for the off-campus students; and our instructional staff work in coordination with the academic departments to select courses to be offered. We are here to help you create ways for the on and off-campus students to interact and collaborate.

Online Learning Handbook

Purdue Online's College of Engineering (POE) has put together a Teaching Online handbook that covers best practices, expectations, the exam process, and more.

Overview of Studio Classrooms

Online learning has most of the same components of a traditional classroom, without the boundaries of time, space, and proximity. We want your experience of teaching your course for off-campus students to be the same as teaching for your on-campus students, just with additional technology and an additional team to support you. You will be scheduled in one of our classrooms outfitted with the latest technology to be able to capture your lectures in the way that you are comfortable teaching. Our skilled instructional team will manage the camera controls, sound levels, switch input sources, and listen for your queues. You will find helpful techniques in the Instructor's Handbook that will assist in the capture of your lecture.

Instructional Tools and Support Services

Students want the full university experience. It's important for them to connect and interact with the internationally-recognized Purdue faculty and their fellow students, who are also professionals in their field of study. Consider using Brightspace's discussion board for communicating with your students. If you would like to integrate additional technology solutions into your existing course, ITaP has created a list of tools and we can help facilitate a one-on-one consultation with a highly trained staff member.

Exam Process and Procedures

The online students are required to have all exams proctored unless the exam is a take-home exam. The POE staff handles the entire proctor assignment, exam notification, delivery, and return process once you provide a hard or electronic copy of your exam to our office. Online students will take exams on the same date as the on-campus students and are held to the same academic standards. To accommodate students across different time zones, the exam may be given at a different time than the on-campus examination time. Student requests for alternate exam dates due to unavoidable circumstances should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions may only be granted by instructors and must be made known to our staff. Exam grades and feedback should be provided to students in a timely fashion and are the responsibility of the instructor.

Student Rights

The Student Bill of Rights states an expectation that all faculty provide course objectives, requirements and grading policies set by individual courses for their students. The syllabus is a great way for you to offer an overview of class expectations to your students. A simple syllabus format and the Purdue University Course Procedures can be found at http://www.purdue.edu/cie/toolsservices/syllabus.html.