Exam Proctors

Proctors are an essential resource for our online students. Selected by our students, proctors play an important role in the student experience, helping to ensure academic integrity, and guiding students through a streamlined exam process.

To log in and view exams, you must be designated as an approved Engineering Professional Education proctor for the current semester.

If you would like to become an exam proctor, or have been invited by a Purdue student to proctor an exam, read the exam proctor guidelines describing the qualifications. Once you have done this?and if you qualify?you can apply to become a proctor.

Guidelines for Exam Proctors

The responsibilities and guidelines for exam proctors, in brief, include:

  • Have reliable access to a computer, the Internet, a printer, and a scanner.
  • Download, print, and proctor all exams, as well as follow directions provided by professors on the exam cover sheet. Exams are available via download from the Purdue website one week before the exams are taken and are accessed and returned through our secure exam portal.
  • Receive the following information at the start of each semester: welcome email with link to the exam schedule, an overview of our expectations, and a roster of the students.
  • Receive written documentation from the professor and student if an exam is rescheduled.
  • Report any behaviors that appear to be dishonest in nature during the course of the exam, or if a student makes a request that would require you to break the rules. Notify Purdue immediately at 1-765-494-7015 or proed@purdue.edu.

Regulations for Administering Exams

Exams Proctor Guidelines