Sunhee Lee

Sunhee Lee's Biography

Sunhee Lee received his Bachelor Degree('01) and Master degree('03) from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea.

After 6 years of industry experience at Samsung Electronics, Co Ltd as a software engineer, Sunhee joined the Klimeck research group in January 2007.

Sunhee is mainly working on the development of nanoelectronic modeling tool since 2008 and now starting to show its capabilites in various super computer environment. Several applications are in production and mentioned in publications.

During his tenure in the Klimeck group he is working on the following research projects:

Tool Development & Numerical Engineering

  • Developing a totally new C++ based nanoelectronic modeling tool (NEMO 3-D: link to previous version) with 3D spatial decomposition, a part of OMEN package [link] [P_2009_4][P_2009_5][P_2009_9]
  • Code optimization, performance benchmarking using TAU, output examples, [link]
  • Numerical implementation/engineering for iterative linear/eigenvalue solvers (with W.T.Aung)

Collaborative Projects using NEMO 3-D

  • Finding bandstructure properties of highly doped Si:P system with NEMO 3-D (H.Ryu) [P_2009_4]
  • Development of an educational tool, 1D-HETERO using NEMO 3-D, deployed in nanoHUB (J.M.Sellier)
  • Looking at the subthreshold property of undoped n-finFETs using NEMO 3-D based on the ballistic transport model (A.Paul)
  • Comparison of transport properties between tight binding model and k.p (Dr. M.Shin @ KAIST) [P_2009_10]

New Research Project(s)

  • Investigating the sensitivity of exchange splitting due to surface disorders in Si double quantum dot for quantum computing [link]