Design – Aerodynamics


CFD analysis in Star CCM+

Design Summary:

Purdue’s Formula SAE team has developed a second iteration for its aerodynamics package and will be introducing it for the 2011 season. The vehicle will once again utilize front and rear wings as well as an underbody and diffuser to generate downforce. These aerodynamic devices were defined using several inverse design methods and then analyzed using Star CCM+. Over 100 design/analyze cycles were performed in this fashion to produce the final design. The results are a CL of 2.4 and 2.5 for the front and rear wings respectively and a CL of .9 for the underbody and diffuser.

Changes from last year:

Design changes from last year include revised front and rear wing sections as well as locations. With the new template rules, the front and rear wings could be moved farther fore and aft respectively to improve efficiency. An additional element was then added to the rear wing and positioned aft of the diffuser exit to improve underbody downforce. The vehicles underbody and diffuser were also revised. The large ‘tunnels’ on the underbody of the 2010 car were removed and instead the underbody passes cleanly under the suspension to one main diffuser. This was done as the rules changes now provide enough room for one large diffuser to be incorporated. To improve flow quality to the rear wing, the intake was lowered, and an engine cover and fairing behind the drivers head was added. 

To see renderings of the final design, check out our flicker page!

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