2010 Competition Summary

After many months of work and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, we arrived at Michigan International Speedway with our 2010 entry.

In keeping with our rich history of passion for engineering, we embarked on an ambitious plan to build a winning race car. This plan included adding new technical features to our vehicle design; most notably an aerodynamics package consisting of a front wing, rear wing, and an underbody tray. We were successful in many of the new initiatives we tried, however a few decisive challenges kept our vehicle from shining at competition. After numerous revisions to our exhaust system, we eventually passed the sound test and were able to achieve remarkable lap times in both the autocross and endurance events. However, we were unable to complete the endurance event due to inadequate cooling capacity. The combination of these events led to a 57th overall placing.

We have not let this result quench our eagerness to build an amazing racecar. Instead, it has stoked the fires of our collective passion as we cultivate a maturity from the challenges we have faced. Combing these lessons learned with our strengthened passion, we are looking forward to once again ascend to prominence in the 2011 competition.