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Become an extremely capable engineer from the ground up through innovative internships.

The CEM program requires the completion of three paid internships—which will be some of the most rewarding times you’ll have as a student.

Internship requirements begin the summer between your freshman and sophomore year.

We know what you’re thinking—”I literally have no idea what I’m doing, how can I intern this early?”—but you have no reason to worry. We have amazing industry partners that will help you become an extremely capable engineer from the ground up.

A major advantage to the CEM program is our innovative internship program.

Most students receive job offers before they even graduate because of our internship program and strong connections with the industry.

You’ll also have opportunities to travel overseas to experience working in international environments. CEM students have worked in Ecuador, Norway, New Zealand, and other places around the world—creating extremely versatile, innovative, and successful engineers.

  • Chicoyah H.
    My internship with Power Construction exceeded my expectations. It was a rewarding and fulfilling experience that motivated me to continue my academic and professional journey in construction.
    Chicoyah H.
    Class of 2023
  • Philip F.
    Over the summer I worked with Mortenson Construction on a wind farm. The project we were on was in the early phases, so we were just working on foundations. We got to travel to other Mortenson Projects that were almost completed so we could climb the towers and get the whole picture. It was a really great experience and I'd recommend always talking up new opportunities during your Internships!
    Philip F.
    Class of 2023
  • Samantha D.
    In Capstone, we learn first-hand about the aspects of construction projects that most of us have not encountered during our internships, such as the early design phases and the detailed process of planning physical construction work. I believe [Capstone] has made me and my fellow peers well-rounded and more knowledgeable individuals prepared to take on many of the challenges we may face in the construction industry.
    Samantha D.
    Class of 2022

The world is demanding innovative engineers and our internship program delivers.

CEM internships provide undergraduate students with professional experience before receiving their diplomas—setting them apart from their peers and providing valuable hands-on, real-world experience.

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Turn your passion for engineering and architecture into a career where you'll influence every aspect of a construction project.