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In 2011 a major rule change brought on a new era of tractors. The rules allowed for one 31hp engine or two 16hp. PQS designers chose to go with the one engine option to allow for a simple drivetrain set up.

PQSo11 was a one engine front wheel assist tractor. The front end of a Kubota lawn tractor was used for PQSo11. The front end has light aluminum housing and sharp 60 degree turning angle controlled with hydraulic steering. Power was transmitted from the engine to a two forward speed /one reverse speed Polaris transmission via a CVTech CVT. The Polaris Transmission transmits the power to the Kubota front end and a Polaris rear axle/differential.

PQSo11 electronics included a drive by wire throttle and a data acquisition system which was designed around the extremely powerful and versatile Parker Hannifin IQAN MDL Master Display Module. This CAN based system allowed various data to be collected from sensors and displayed to the operator.

A bent sheet metal frame was used for PQSo11.

PQSo11 placed 3rd overall at the international competition, with a 1st place finish in maneuverability and 3rd in the pull.

Advisor Dr. John Lumkes
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Last Modified October 11, 2011