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Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Purdue Online Electrical Engineering Courses and Concentrations
Engineering Professional Education (ProEd) recognizes the importance of preparing engineers employed in industry to innovate, excel and lead in a global technology environment. That's why we are happy to launch new online ECE courses in six concentrations and more frequent delivery of currently offered courses - reflecting the breadth and depth of Purdue's highly ranked electrical engineering program.

With a Purdue online MSECE, you’ll be even better equipped to lead the technology revolution. Students may choose from the following areas of specialization:

  • Automatic Controls

  •     ECE58000 Optimization Methods for Systems and Control
        ECE60200 Lumped System Theory
        ECE67500 Introduction to Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
        ECE68000 Modern Automatic Control

  • Communications, Networking, Signal & Image Processing

  •     ECE53800 Digital Signal Processing I
        ECE54400 Digital Communications
        ECE54700 Introduction to Computer Communication Networks
        ECE60000 Random Variables
        ECE63700 Digital Image Processing I
        ECE64800 Digital Signal Processing II

  • Energy Sources and Systems

  •     ECE59500 Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Component Design
        ECE61000 Energy Conversion
        EC62500 Advanced Analysis of Electromechanical Systems
        ECE63300 Modeling & Simulation of Power System Components
        ECE69500 Power Electronic Converters and Systems

  • Fields and Optics

  •     ECE51300 Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging
        ECE55200 Introduction to Lasers
        ECE60400 Electromagnetic Field Theory
        ECE61700 Antennas: Design and Applications

  • Microelectronics and Nanotechnology

  •     ECE60600 Solid State Devices I
        ECE61200 Nanoscale Transistors
        ECE65400 Solid State Devices II
        ECE65600 Electronic Transport in Semiconductors
        ECE65900 Quantum Transport

  • VLSI and Circuit Design

  •     ECE67000 Modeling & Optimizations of High-Performance Interconnects
        ECE69500 Advanced VLSI Design

  • Other Courses

  •     ECE 60800 Computational Models & Methods

To view a complete course schedule and course descriptions visit our advance planning schedule.

Admission Requirements
You must be a graduate of an ABET-accredited or equivalent electrical and/or computer engineering curriculum or have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. To participate you must apply and be admitted to the Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate program. You will register and take classes through Engineering Professional Education (ProEd).

Course Requirements

The non-thesis option requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework, or a total of 10 courses. The thesis option requires a thesis and 18 credits of coursework.

Delivery Format Options
Classes are made available primarily through streaming video over the Internet and downloadable MPEG-4 files.

For additional program details visit the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering website.

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Call toll-free in U.S.(877) 598-4233

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