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Master of Science in Engineering - Interdisciplinary

The Most Flexible Online Master's Engineering Degree Available

Whom It’s For
We developed our interdisciplinary online Master of Science (MSE) specifically for professional engineers working in industry. You must hold an undergraduate degree from an ABET-accredited engineering program, or one with equivalent standards, to be eligible for admission. Students with closely related undergraduate degrees, such as mathematics or physics, should apply for the MS degree.

The MSE gives you the skills and knowledge it takes to manage complex projects and lead diverse teams in the workplace efficiently and effectively. As a student seeking the MSE degree, you will have no preset plan of study. Instead, you will work with your faculty advisory committee to develop a plan of study that fits your overall goals. In addition, we can work with you to define an Area of Specialization within the online Master of Science (MSE) degree program tailored to meet your specific goals and align with your company’s strategic mission. The flexibility of our MSE distance learning degree enables you to create a customized educational experience like no other.

Online Specializations are offered in these areas:

Master of Engineering Degree Objectives
Flexibility to customize the MSE is the defining element of the program and is what makes it such a close match to the interdisciplinary environment in today’s working world. Through a faculty advisory committee, distance learning coursework is personally customized for you to best match your desired outcomes.

Admission Requirements
You must already hold an undergraduate degree from an ABET-accredited engineering program or one with equivalent standards. You must apply and be admitted to the College of Engineering distance learning program.

Graduation Requirements
Both thesis and non-thesis master of engineering degree options are available and require a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework, or a total of 10 online courses. You may take up to 12 online credits outside of engineering; 18 credits must be in engineering. In the thesis option, nine credits of coursework are given for the thesis research.

Delivery Format Options
Online Master of Science in engineering classes are made available primarily through streaming video over the Internet and downloadable MPEG-4 files.

Program Curriculum
During your first semester as an admitted student, you will work with a faculty committee to help you design a plan of study tailored just for you. Or you can choose from several approved specialization areas as listed above.
View a sample online Master of Science in Engineering plan of study. pdf
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