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Certificate in Applied Statistics

Advance Your Knowledge While Enhancing Your Credentials

Curriculum Requirements
A total of 12 credit hours or four courses must be earned in the Department of Statistics at Purdue University.

An average grade of B or better in all four courses.

Admission Requirements
You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0/4.0.

Note: Acceptance into the certificate program does NOT assure admission to the Graduate School of Purdue University to pursue and advanced degree.

Course Curriculum**
All courses are three semester credits and are taught by the graduate faculty of Purdue University.

STAT 51100 - Statistical Methods and STAT 51200 - Applied Regression Analysis, or equivalent

STAT 51600: Basic Probability and Applications
STAT 51700: Statistical Inference

Electives - choose 2
STAT 51300: Statistical Quality Control
STAT 51400: Design of Experiments
STAT 52000: Time Series and Applications*
STAT 52200: Sampling and Survey Techniques
STAT 52400: Applied Multivariate Analysis*

*Currently offered on West Lafayette campus only.
**Other statistics courses with numbers above 51700 may be substituted with approval.

Benefits of the Program
This certificate program, sponsored by the Department of Statistics and offered to off-campus students through Engineering Professional Education at Purdue University is designed to help you become knowledgeable about statistical techniques and procedures. The certificate you earn will serve as evidence that you have achieved a significant level of expertise in statistics.

The program is also offered to on-campus students directly by the Department of Statistics.

Intended Audience
This certificate program meets the needs of

  • Scientists in any area who need a background in Statistics.
  • Industrial workers who want to increase their ability to think "statistically."

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I apply for the certificate?
Visit the Department of Statistics Graduate Certificate page for full requirements and application instructions.

Q: How long do I have to complete the certificate?
On campus students must take all courses within a three-year time span. Students set their own pace for completion. The three-year time frame is defined by the first and last classes you take for the certificate. Off-campus students may request an extension to five-years since the courses in the certificate program are not televised every semester. Students should refer to the ProEd Course Planning Guide to determine when the courses will be offered.

Q: Do courses taken before I enroll in the certificate program apply?
Yes, if they are applicable to the certificate at the time you register for the program, and if they were taken in the Department of Statistics at Purdue University.

Q: I already have a Master's or PhD from another school. Can I earn a Purdue certificate in digital signal processing?

Q: Will courses taken elsewhere satisfy the prerequisites?
These will be approved at the same time as admission to the program.

Q: How do I receive the certificate?
When you believe you have fulfilled all requirements, send ProEd a list of completed courses. Please allow a minimum of four weeks to receive your certificate.

Q: Can I earn both a certificate and an MS degree from Purdue?
Yes. Courses can be counted both for the certificate and a master's degree. Degree and certificate can be earned in any order. You can work on both simultaneously.

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Call toll-free in U.S.(877) 598-4233

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