Online Additive Manufacturing Certification

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Additive Manufacturing Certification Program

Purdue University developed its Additive Manufacturing Certification Program to give working professionals and students an opportunity to study industry case studies and stay current with the rapidly industrializing area of AM technologies.

The Additive Manufacturing Certification Program, expected to launch by March 2019, is the first step for students or professionals who seek fundamental knowledge and skills to immediately apply to their projects and advance their careers. It is an in-depth review designed for engineers, managers or executives who want to gain a firm understanding of additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing Industry Expertise

Students in the Additive Manufacturing Certification Program obtain training from industry experts who meet Purdue University’s high standards of academic excellence. The non-credit certificate program is offered in collaboration with the Purdue School of Materials Engineering and The Barnes Group Advisors, a Pittsburgh-based consulting company providing additive manufacturing expertise.

The Barnes Group Advisors was founded by Purdue graduate John E. Barnes (BSMSE ’92, MSMSE ’94), and currently consists of 12 employees who form their ADDvisor℠ Services team. This course is supported by several members of the ADDvisor℠ Services team whose contributions to the field include certifying flight hardware using additive manufacturing for series production engines and aircraft.

Because these instructors are active professionals with decades of consulting and industry experience, they are ideally-positioned to provide students with a wealth of knowledge, foundational skills, and effective preparation for real-world application.

About The Additive Manufacturing Program

The program is for working professionals or students who want to know more about additive manufacturing from both a technical and business mindset.

The program serves as an introduction to several important aspects of additive manufacturing. It is offered in a convenient online format and tailored to students at both the engineer/manager and executive levels. The certificates are designed to let the executive obtain a shorter path with pertinent courses and the engineer/manager who will need a slightly more robust grasp of the concepts before taking a next step.

The certificate will give students an introduction to the basic principles. By achieving the certificate, the student will have demonstrated the basic knowledge of what AM is, how it works, the different types of AM & materials, the importance of design for additive manufacturing and/or business and economics principles.  

The courses are designed in such a way that people who have no familiarity with AM can get an introduction and those that have some experience will broaden and round out their existing knowledge.

Course content will cover AM science, technology, economics and business, and is derived from The Barnes Group Advisors’ industrial practice experience.

What Will You Learn in the Additive Manufacturing Courses?

  • Additive Manufacturing Backgrounder. A basic understanding of additive manufacturing, including commonly used terms, key processes, key materials, and key industries using the technology
  • Benefits of Additive Manufacturing. How to distinguish the advantages of AM over traditional manufacturing, and how to identify good candidates for AM
  • Additive Manufacturing Technologies. About the different AM processes per ASTM F42 specifications, including technology capabilities, limitations, and commercial & technical considerations
  • Innovation vs. Mitigation. How to distinguish between AM design innovation and AM design mitigation techniques
  • Additive Manufacturing Design. Disruptive design techniques made possible by AM
  • Justifying Additive Manufacturing. How to develop a business case for AM, including identifying business considerations and key cost drivers
  • Prototyping Advantages. The benefits of AM for rapid prototyping
  • Prototyping vs. Production. How to distinguish between AM for prototyping and AM for production

Additive Manufacturing Certificates - Expected to launch March 2019:

  • Level 1 Certification, Additive Manufacturing for Engineers and Managers
  • Level 1 Certification, Additive Manufacturing for Executives




Certificates - Planned for the future:

  • Level 2 Certification, Additive Manufacturing for Engineers and Managers
  • Level 2 Certification, Additive Manufacturing for Executives