New Online Student Checklist

Please use the information below to help you get started with your online graduate studies at Purdue University.

  • Purdue Student ID Number: Familiarize yourself with your 10-digit Purdue University identification number (PUID).  It was provided in your admission decision letter and you may be asked to recall it for verification purposes.
  • myPurdue: This is the student self-service portal for your academic, financial, and campus information. This is where you will self-register for courses, verify and update address and contact information, review grades, obtain transcripts, make online payments, view your course schedule and so much more.
    myPurdue Login
  • Purdue Career and Email Accounts: Your Purdue Career and Email Accounts are created at the time of your admission to Purdue. Following acceptance of admission, you must set up your Career Account. myPurdue uses your Career Account username and password, as does most ITaP (Information Technology at Purdue) tools such as e-mail, remote software, and Blackboard.  You must check your Purdue Email regularly as it is the official email address used by the university to communicate with you.
    Career Account Setup
  • Manage My Account: This portal is specifically for online graduate students and will be used throughout your academic career to update and confirm your exam proctor each semester, obtain a list of the distance Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) used to register, submit drop requests, access course lectures, connect with other students, retrieve your Registration PIN and more. 
  • Distance Course Catalog: Use the course catalog or advanced planning schedule to display a list of available distance courses. Students must have the prerequisites or background and experience needed for any course in which they seek to enroll. Upon registration within myPurdue, if a prerequisite error occurs, contact the ProEd office for an override.                                                                            
  • Course Reference Number (CRN): Each course has a unique 5-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) that is used in myPurdue for registration.  A list of courses with their CRN's is available to distance students through the Manage My Account portal.
  • Registration: Summer registration opens in February, Fall opens in March, and Spring registration opens in October.  Students will need their Registration PIN and list of Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) to self-register in myPurdue. You will self-register for all courses. If a course requires instructor permission to register, you must email the instructor for approval so that an override can be entered by the ProEd Graduate Office.  You will receive an email from our office confirming the course(s) you have registered for and alerting you to any outstanding conditions which need to be addressed. 
    Registration (Step-by-Step)
  • Registration Time Ticket: myPurdue uses registration groups to assign a time when a student can register for classes. You may be restricted from enrolling if you have a hold on your record. 
    Check Eligibility Status/Holds
  • Registration PIN: A unique registration PIN is assigned to you each semester and is released by your home academic department.  You will be prompted to enter your PIN when registering in myPurdue.  Most departments distribute PINs through the Banner PIN site.
  • Tuition and Fees: The tuition and fees for distance courses can only be found on our website. Tuition is per 3 credit-hour course unless otherwise stated.  All fees are due by the first day of classes every semester.
  • eBilling: All invoicing will be done electronically and made available in myPurdue.  You can access your invoice and make an online payment using the Financial Tab. First invoices generate around April 15, July 15 and November 25 for summer, fall and spring respectively.
  • Payment Options:  There is no charge to pay by electronic check/bank transfer.  If you wish to use a credit card, there is a convenience fee.  We can bill your employer or tuition-assistance program if a voucher or written authorization is provided to the Bursar.  Financial Aid may be available to distance students and Veterans educational benefits are available for eligible students.
  • Add or Drop Courses: Students will be able to view their class schedule and add or modify classes via myPurdue during the first week of the fall and spring semesters. Adding a class during the second week of the semester is not recommended and requires the instructor's written permission.  Make note of the refund and withdrawal deadlines each semester.  These dates are firm.
  • Taking Exams: To ensure that your Purdue degree remains well respected over time, it is essential that we maintain the academic integrity of our exam process. That is why we require you to take exams in the presence of an approved proctor.  You will need to identify your proctor before the semester begins.  If there is a fee for using a testing site, payment will be your responsibility. If you are not using your employer for your exam site, you may want to start looking for an approved public exam site by checking the National College Testing Association website.
  • Viewing Lectures: You do not have to watch lectures at a specific time of day. Courses are delivered in a downloadable format. You will need to view course lectures regularly in order to keep current with homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. Access course lectures through Manage My Account. Once classes begin, each session will become available within 2 hours after the live class is recorded at Purdue and they will be accessible for the entire semester.
  • Plan of Study (POS): An academic contract between an admitted degree seeking-student, the faculty members of the advisory committee, and Purdue University's Graduate School. Each graduate student admitted to a degree program must file a POS via Purdue's electronic Plan of Study generator (ePOS). The ePOS opens one month into the first semester of enrollment.
  • Transfer Courses: A limited number of graduate courses taken at another university may be transferred to a Purdue POS provided the courses are of sufficient graduate standing to replace similar Purdue courses.  Students will submit a request before completing the POS with documentation including a syllabus that will be reviewed by their academic Graduate Program Office.