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Lean Six Sigma
Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course
The Purdue University Lean Six Sigma Program is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. You'll experience an introduction to the use of tools and methodologies that will empower you to participate (or lead if you progress to LSS Black Belt level)in Lean Six Sigma projects in your organization. While the instruction is designed for people with full schedules and little or no prior experience with Lean Six Sigma, the courses still require a commitment of time each week and involve due dates for weekly assignments and quizzes. Upon successful completion of your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you’ll have tools at the ready for participating as a Green Belt on a Six Sigma project. You may even be leading your own project at this point depending on the effort you put into the course.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is an introduction to a combination of two popular methodologies used in business and industry today. It is a certificate that many companies are now requiring of employees and of their suppliers. Six Sigma focuses on a lowering of occurrences of defects in the products or services of your organization in order to improve overall quality. There is emphasis on voice of the customer and tools needed to measure those needs. You’ll learn the phases of the problem-solving framework for improving processes, DMAIC or Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. With Lean, you’ll learn the principles of the Lean management philosophy and several of the tools for streamlining production and services from end to end with a focus on the elimination of waste.

Your learning activities in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course include reading the text which is available online in the course for viewing or printing; watching lecture videos via the Internet (available via streaming video, 24/7 throughout the 10 weeks of the course); participating in asynchronous online discussions; taking online self-tests and quizzes and a final exam; and completing assignments related to the course case study. You will have opportunity for coaching via email and phone by your instructor.

The time involved to successfully complete the Green Belt course is approximately 45 hours over 10 weeks, but varies from one learner to the next. The learning materials and activities are paced in weekly modules and involve your online participation, so make sure that you have time available for study and Internet accessibility throughout the 10 weeks of the course in which you are enrolled. (It is not a self-paced, self-study course.) A certificate of achievement from Purdue University is provided to enrollees who successfully complete the course and after their financial commitment has been met. There is also an option to earn 4.5 CEUs (continuing education units). The LSS Green Belt typically starts on the first Wednesday of each month (unless that day is a US holiday, then it starts on the second Wednesday of the month), and course sections fill rather quickly. Registration is $2450 per individual (price subject to change). Please let us know if you are looking to enroll a group under one corporate or organization payment.

Lean Principles
Two other courses round out the Lean Six Sigma online program: Lean Principles; and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. The Lean Principles course typically starts on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Lean Principles focuses on the 14 management principles practiced in Lean systems for achieving operational excellence. It is a system working together in harmony which will provide you with a set of tools, quality improvement methods and a business philosophy based on a deep understanding of people and human motivation. The objective of this course is to help you understand this system, and how to make it work. The discussions and assignments reach far beyond the manufacturing world and into many types of industries and transactional settings. Both the Lean Principles course and the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt are prerequisites for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. The Lean Principles course is $2195.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online course
For those of you who have taken and successfully completed the online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Principles courses in this online program, and if you have a Six Sigma project that you're ready to pursue, you can make plans to enroll in an upcoming section of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. The course is offered approximately quarterly and spans 18 weeks (16 weekly learning modules). Pre-work is sent out to students about a month ahead of the course start date so that reading, lecture viewing and work on the project charter can begin ahead of the actual class.

The project charter is the first project deliverable in the series of deliverables that makes up the management-approved project which is required of each student in the LSS Black Belt. You can choose to identify and run a project for your company or organization, or you can run a project for a local charity. You need to have access to the areas of the organization in which you would be collecting data, and you will need to present your project findings to your management team within the organization during the end of each DMAIC phase - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. This is a rigorous course that will take a minimum of six to 10 hours of your time each week and it has weekly deadlines just like the other two courses. The Black Belt instructors will guide and coach you through the project development, but are also very demanding in their expectations of the quality of the project deliverables. They will be sending items back to you for rework if needed so that your project stays on track and so that it will have the greatest, positive impact possible for your organization, and for you as a future, certified LSS Black Belt.

When you decide to take the LSS Black Belt course, make sure that you select a course section that fits well in your calendar and the other things on your schedule. There is a fee to transfer out of the Black Belt (or to transfer out of the other courses). If you are past the half-way point in any of the courses, you would need to re-pay the course registration fee in order to move to a later section.

Enroll your team
If you are an individual with questions or if you are ready to enroll in the online Lean Six Sigma program, you can contact The College Network, which is the company that handles the marketing and enrollment process on behalf of the Division of Engineering Professional Education at Purdue. College Network Inquiry Form for Online Lean Six Sigma Program.

For questions about enrolling a group, contact us at the Partnership for Competitive Advantage, Engineering Professional Education, Purdue University, (765) 494-7015; lean6sigma@purdue.edu.

Promotional Videos about the Purdue Online Lean Six Sigma Program
Here is a link to a brief video about the benefits of gaining a certificate in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Principles or Black Belt ... Advantages of a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma.

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List of FAQs for Students in the online Lean Six Sigma Courses
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Lean Six Sigma FAQs

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