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Becoming a partner organization with Purdue
A partnership with Purdue gives your engineers and scientists access to a world-class higher education provider to enhance their professional development. Supporting your employees’ efforts to expand their capabilities can, in turn, help your company maintain its competitiveness in a fast-changing marketplace. Purdue Engineering Professional Education (ProEd) will work with you and your employees to help define your needs, and create customized educational experiences – from our multi-disciplinary degree programs to short courses designed specifically to address issues impacting your company or industry. You can also assist your employees by reimbursing course expenses and fees and by providing time and other resources for their learning. Whatever partnership path you take, your employees will become more valuable having received exceptional instruction from a world-renowned university and faculty.
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Purdue Degree Adds Value
By encouraging your employees to take flexible, online Purdue courses while remaining on the job, you significantly raise the level of your engineers’ critical problem-solving skills–increasing productivity and contributing to your bottom line. Here are some of the ways you benefit from Purdue ProEd:
  • Because employees stay on the job while pursuing education, you reap the benefits of their current skills as well as their newly acquired knowledge.
  • Employees add value by taking quality courses from a reputable institution taught by expert faculty.
  • Degrees and noncredit programs may be customized to align with your strategic mission.
  • Enhanced employee capabilities lead to higher productivity and product quality.
  • Your ability to attract and retain good employees is increased through your support of continuing education opportunities.
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