Welcome! We are the Purdue Student Engineering Foundation. We are an organization that primarily focuses on promoting engineering amongst the youth, prospective Purdue Engineers, and Purdue alumni.

We are the ones that are walking backwards, giving tours to prospective students of the various engineering facilities around campus.  We connect with over 40,000 people a year! We are always excited to share our love of Purdue Engineering to everyone!

In addition to tours, we participate in:

Visiting students need a comprehensive view of Purdue to see if residential life, extracurricular opportunities, and academic programs will be best for them. PSEFers participate in Academic Fairs in one booth of many to answer any initial questions from prospective engineering students as they begin their day visiting Purdue.

Though there’s great information online about Purdue Engineering, it’s best to hear about students’ personal experiences. PSEFers have the opportunity to speak about their study abroad, internship, club, and overall Purdue Engineering experiences to hundreds to students during Academic Panels.

Purdue’s For Me shows admitted students what Purdue is like. Academic panels, lunch at Ford Dining Court, and tours of engineering facilities allow prospective engineering students to interact with many PSEFers to see if Purdue is the right fit.

Several times throughout the spring semester, PSEFers join Youtube live streams to answer any questions prospective students have. PSEF reaches hundreds of students this way, showcasing all Purdue Engineering has to offer.

In the Spring, PSEF brings in hundreds of high school students for a day full of fun engineering activities. From hosting quiz bowls to judging engineering design challenges, PSEF hopes to excite the next generation of engineering students and professionals.

Prospective Purdue Engineering students come to Armstrong Hall to enjoy a casual pizza dinner and conversation with PSEFers. It’s a great opportunity to dig deep and learn about the many opportunities at Purdue.

Come visit us and learn all about Purdue!

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