Interested in joining? We’re looking for enthusiastic engineering students to welcome into the PSEF family. Through our club, you can develop your professional, communication, and personal skills while serving the Purdue engineering community.

Applications are closed

PSEF provides great resources that can advance your career. You can:

  • Be paired with a PSEF alumnus mentor
  • Participate in resume reviews and career Q&A sessions with alumni
  • Run for leadership positions as early as your 2nd semester in PSEF
  • Be in the PSEF resume book, which is sent out to multiple companies during career fair season

Through PSEF, you’ll give tours of the engineering facilities at Purdue, and you can:

  • Develop your communication skills
  • Interact with enthusiastic high school students and parents
  • Help students through life-defining college decisions
  • See the impact you make when you recognize new FYE students months after giving them tours

The best part of joining anything is often the people you meet. With PSEF, you can:

  • Instantly know 50+ more friends on campus
  • Bond through social events, such as intramural games, dinners, pumpkin carving, corn mazes, cookouts, and more

So apply! Each semester, the requirements for each PSEF member include:

  1. 7 outreach events, including tours, academic fairs or panels, and even eating free pizza with prospective students and their families
  2. 1 Public Relations task interacting with the Purdue student body
  3. 1 office hour each week

And the more involved you are, the more you can get out of PSEF. You can meet lifelong friends, learn how to lead, and find a second family on campus. We’d love for you to join us.

PSEF applications open at the beginning of the 2024 Fall semester.