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Submission Procedure for ECE 462

All submissions must use Purdue Blackboard. Please follow this procedure

  1. log in Blackboard
  2. select ECE 462
  3. select Programming Assignment or Lab Exercise
  4. select the one you want to submit
  5. select Add Attachment
  6. click Submit

If you want to submit a newer version, please follow steps 1 - 4. On the right upper corner, there is an icon takeback. If you click this icon, the previous submission is withdrawn. You can submit again. 


  1. 2008/09/19, Two-player Breakout game using Java (outcome 1)
  2. 2008/10/10, Two-player Breakout game using C++ and Qt (outcome 2)
  3. 2008/10/31, Tetrix game using Java (modified from C++ and Qt Tetrix game), slides, video (4:47) (outcome 1)
  4. 2008/11/14, Pacman game using C++ and Qt (improve a simplified Java example) (outcome 2)
  5. 2008/12/05, Interactive 2-player network game using Java or C++ (design your own own game)
  1. 2008/09/03, (Java) Netbeans programming interface, version control, drawing and handling events. slides, video (14:02), code.
  2. 2008/09/10, (Java) Tracking mouse movement and bouncing ball. slides, video (8:59), code.
  3. 2008/09/17, (C++) Qt graphical user interface: drawing and handling events. slides, video (15:57), code.
  4. 2008/10/01, (Java and C++) Container classes' performance. slides, video (1:24), code.
  5. 2008/10/08, (Java) Unified Modeling Language using Netbeans. slides, video (7:38).
  6. 2008/10/15, (Java) Applet. applet, slides, video (5:34), code.
  7. 2008/10/29, (Java and C++) Multithread, convert C++ to Java. lab07.cpp.
  8. 2008/11/05, (Java and C++) Multithread, convert Java to C++. lab08.java.
  9. 2008/11/12, (Java and C++) Networking. slides, video (10:20), code.
  10. 2008/11/19, (Java or C++) Profile and Coverage.

Please use your "common sense." The instructor has designed the submission rules to accommodate as much flexibility as possible. Any additional request will likely be rejected. 

Soon after each deadline, the submissions will be downloaded from Blackboard for grading. Do not resubmit after the deadline since there is no guarantee that the newer version is used for grading. You cannot request grading any specific version after the dealine. You are allowed, without penalty, to submit any assignment or lab exercise before midnight December 5, 2008. However, if you miss the a deadline listed above, you are not allowed to request regrading. Each assignment or exercise is graded only once.

You must submit your CVS repository (i.e. ,v files) for the lab exercises and the programming assignments.

All submissions will be graded using the computers in MSEE 190 or equivalent. Please ensure that your programs can run on these computers. Email submission will never be accepted for any reason. Please do not send your assignment to the instructor or the teaching assistant by email. Please remember that your grades depend on what you submit, not what you could have submitted. The teaching staff will never enter your account to check what you have done. Please do not send your password and ask the instructor or the teaching assistant to log in. The instructor will not go to your home and check what is stored in your home computer.

You can watch this video to learn how to submit your assignments and lab exercises. Please remember to add README. This file explains what you have done and how you do it. The file must be written in ASCII and readable using the "more" command in Linux. Please do not change the name to readme, Readme, readme.txt, readme.doc, or anything else. The file name is README and this is the convention adopted by millions of software developers.