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Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities

Make your company visible to conference delegates and to Purdue’s student community by actively taking part in the event as a conference sponsor and/or a conference exhibitor

Conference Sponsor

Conference sponsors will appear on the conference program and website and will have the possibility to provide promotional material to the conference delegates. Gold Sponsors will get a dedicated conference meal, Silver Sponsors a conference break, all sponsors will be recognized during the gala dinner. Sponsorships also includes free registrations as detailed below:

Conference Sponsor Cost Free Registration Promotional Material* Recognition**
Gold $5,000 2 ü ü
Silver $3,000 1 ü ü
Bronze $1,500 0 ü ü

*Gadgets, flyers, and materials that can be included in the conference package provided to the conference participants.
**1 Full page ad for Gold Sponsors, 1/2 page ad for Silver Sponsors, 1/4 page ad for Bronze Sponsors on the conference program, in addition to logo appearance on conference program

Conference Exhibitor

Showcase your technology during the conference exhibit! An outdoor exhibit will occur next to the conference sessions, and it will be open to all the Purdue’s students and conference delegates. Tents and a dedicated parking space for demonstration vehicles will be available. A student recruiting event will occur during the exhibit, so that you can interview prospective candidates directly in you private company space!

Space Equipment rent (Tent, Chairs, TV, Cable) Demo Vehicle Parking† (Limited Space)
Maha Member $500 $1,500 Free
Non-Member $2,000 $1,500 Free

†Vehicle parking can be provided as addition to the purchase of a space. Each vehicle must be approved before the event. Only limited size / weight vehicles will be allowed.

Exhibit Details

The exhibit will take place at the Purdue Memorial mall, next to the main conference venue (Stewart Center). Each space will have an approx. size of 20 ft x 20 ft. It is possible to either rent equipment (a 10 ft x 10 ft tent, 32 in TV, a table and two chairs) or to bring your own equipment (must be suitable for installation on grass). Exhibitors that will bring a vehicle will have the dedicated space next to the vehicle.
It is possible to reserve multiple spaces or multiple vehicles (pending space availability).

Click here to download the → REGISTRATION FOR EXHIBITION FORM.

Exhibition area and setup options

The Maha Expo will feature exhibitions and vehicles at the north end of the Memorial Mall on Purdue University’s campus next to the Stewart Center. An example of the exhibition with a demonstration vehicle is illustrated below.

Exhibition area options

Each exhibitor will have a dedicated area in the Purdue Memorial Mall (this is an outdoor grass area surrounded by an asphalt road). If your company will showcase one or more vehicles, the space will be either located along the road (to accompany the vehicle parking spot) or inside of the grass area along pedestrian paths, as shown in the image below. Each area will have an approx. size of 20 ft x 20 ft. Electricity will be provided to the area for low power applications only (such as TV, laptop). This exhibition area cost is $500 for Maha Members and $2,000 for Non-Members. The demonstration vehicle parking space is free of charge but will only be reserved for companies committed to bringing vehicle(s). Please note that – for space limitations and campus rules – the vehicle(s) must be approved beforehand. To this end, details of the vehicles (space occupancy) will need to be provided to It is possible to reserve additional areas or vehicle parking spaces at an additional charge (pending space availability).

Exhibition setup options

The exhibition space would be an empty area. By selecting ‘Bring by myself’ option in the form, the exhibitor will bring in everything needed from the company, such as tent, flag, poster, TV, table, chairs, etc. The layout and estimated weight of the items to be placed in the area brought by exhibitor must be approved by the organizers (all items must be suitable for display in an outdoor setting with the requirement of not damaging the grass area).
The organizer can also provide items locally. By selecting ‘standard setup package’ option in the form, the exhibitor can expect to arrive to the exhibition area that is set up with a 10 ft x 10 ft tent, a 32-inch TV, a table and two chairs, and a power outlet, as shown below. The standard package will be rented and setup by a local company. The cost for the standard package is $1,500 for the entire event.

Aditional options

If you are interested in a bigger exhibition area, a bigger tent, or additional furniture, please fill out the relevant options in the form. The dimensions of the standard tent and extra tents are illustrated below:
Note: Additional items or any special requests will have additional charges as mentioned in this form.

Registration exhibition supervisor

Each of the exhibition tents and equipment stands must designate a person as the company exhibition delegate. To register your company delegate please fill out the form with the supervisor’s information and send it to

Other information

Exhibitor liability: The organizer will hire a security service to guard the expo area after the conference hours. However, the organizer and the exhibition management bear no responsibility for any damage, loss, or incidents involving the exhibitor's property, whether owned or rented, or individuals, occurring during the exhibition, stand setup, dismantling, or transportation to and from the exhibition venue. This disclaimer remains applicable even if such damages or losses are caused by the exhibitor, their personnel, suppliers, or other third parties, regardless of whether the exhibitor or their personnel are at fault. It is recommended that the exhibitor obtain insurance coverage for insurable risks, including but not limited to fire, theft, water and weather-related damages, and transportation risks associated with exhibition goods.

Exhibition tent and equipment stand timeline preparation: Strict adherence to the scheduled assembly and disassembly dates is imperative. Stands that remain unoccupied, even on the final assembly day, may be reallocated by the exhibition management. Admitted exhibitors are obligated to actively participate in the event. Throughout the entire exhibition duration and the stipulated opening hours, all stands must be appropriately equipped and staffed with competent personnel. It is crucial to ensure full occupancy of the stand at the commencement of the event. Premature removal of exhibition goods or dismantling of stands before the conclusion of the exhibition is strictly prohibited.

Assembly Schedule: From 09/03/2024, 08:00 - 12:00
Exhibition Opening Hours: From 09/03/2024, 12:00, to 09/04/2024, 17:00
Dismantling Period: From 09/04/2024, 17:30 - 23:30

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