Ángel Enriquez Mag Microrobot

Goals from the last meeting: Continue with literature review Get trained on Maskless Photolithography Silicone tube force to achieve deflection Help Qi with animal study Achieved: Obtained book on Electromagnetic Field Theory: Fields and waves in Communication Started chapter on Magnetostatics Read on Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys, could be a possible solution to Hyunsu’s actuation device to provide an anchor …


Ángel Enriquez Mag Microrobot, Weekly Report

A. Goals from the last meeting Continue literature review for: Magnetism A magnetically actuated catheter pump Cobalt-platinum electroplating Microrobot applications Finish Bridge events B. Accomplished Oral presentation Poster presentation In order to achieve the required deflection a force of 5N is needed. Next step is to analyze how much force can magnet apply to silicone tube.  FEA analysis of silicone rubber …

2017 Summer LIMR Outing!

Hugh Lab News

Special thanks to our social chair, Bahar, for organizing a wonderful group outing event! It was a great team-building exercise. Escape room was much more challenging than we expected but we made it out in time!

High School Students from Purdue GERI program visit LIMR!

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High school students from Beijing, Tennessee, Indiana, and Texas who are participating in Purdue’s Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) Summer Residential Program visited LIMR. Bahar introduced them to Biomedical Engineering and demonstrated her project on miniature implantable drug delivery system!

LIMR attends 2017 PIIN Retreat

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Hyunsu and Tran presented their work on implantable neurostimulation electrodes and glutamate biosensors. Prof. Chi Hwan Lee also joined!

LIMR alum Chunan Liu visit

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Chunan Liu, who graduated with MS in Electrical and Computer Science in 2016 came to visit us. Great to see you doing well, Chunan!