04/06/2020, Drug Delivery , Mike

Mike MacLean Opioid Devices

Progress Thesis draft available in LIMR drive Brachial occlsuion: Statistical analysis – Games Powell ANOVA Variances were not equal. Performed breath hold test – no differences detected during breath test. However, spo2 did not change as measured by pulse oximeter. Perhaps what we’re seeing is normal. side note: I weighted the circuit board onto the watch to mimick the effects …

Prof. Lee awarded NSF CAREER Award!

Hugh Lab News

For his proposed work on creating self-clearing biosensors, Dr. Lee has been awarded the prestigious early career award from the National Science Foundation. Congratulations!

2019 LIMR Winter Excursion

Jongcheon Lim Lab News

To celebrate the end of 2019 fall semester, we went out for a lunch, drink, and playing games at Dave & Busters.