Graduate Student Virtual Career Fair- Company Info Sessions March 24th from 4PM to 9PM (Click on the Company name to access the Zoom link)

Information Session: 4:00PM to 4:30PM

Information Session: 4:30PM to 5:00PM

Information Session: 5:00PM to 5:30PM

Information Session: 5:30PM to 6:00PM

Information Session: 6:00PM to 6:30PM

Information Session: 6:30PM to 7:00PM

Information Session: 7:00PM to 7:30PM

CareerFair Plus Meeting Guide:

1-1 meetings: Meet with the recruiter for a limited amount of time in the time slot allocated to you.

Group meetings: Multiple students will be present on call. You can join at any time. Recruiter will talk to everyone as a group.

Resume drop off: No recruiter will be present. The system will require you to upload your resume.

Prerequisit Requirement: If you see your Major under prerequisit, but are unable to book a meeting please edit your qualifications to indicate MS/PhD at the end of your Major/Degree Name.

E.g.: Industrial Engineering (needs changed to) Industrial Engineering MS/PhD