Here you will find information about student wellness, including physical wellness in the form of fitness, dietary advising or recreational sports, mental wellness such as coping with academic or emotional stress and social wellness which includes the cultural shift and socializing under different scenarios.

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Making friends

  • In class asking someone to study with you can spark a friendship.
  • You can meet new people that share similar interests with you by joining a student organization.
  • Starting a casual conversation is an easy icebreaker.
  • Easy conversation examples: pop culture, sports, and weather.
  • You have already stepped out of your comfort zone by leaving your home, so do not stop while you are trying to meet new people.

Interacting with Americans

  • A simple greeting or hanging out does not mean you are good or close friends.
  • For example, if someone says, “how are you?” they are not actually asking you how you are feeling.
  • When going to lunch or dinner together, you are expected to pay your own share of the bill or pay separately.
  • When you go to a sit down restaurant, it is expected in America to tip your server. When with a friend, you may split the tip.
  • American’s are very individualistic, initial encounters will most likely not reveal big personal details.
  • Slang words and phrases are often used, if you do not know what it means do not be afraid to ask what it means.

In the Classroom

  • Be prepared for a diverse international student body and faculty at Purdue.
  • Working in groups and with partners is fairly common in the classroom.
  • In class you are expected to participate by answering questions, giving feedback and opinions, and listening intently.
  • Personal boundaries differ culturally.
  • In America 3 Feet (1 meter) is an appropriate casual distance for people who are just acquaintances.
  • Maintain eye contact with whomever you are talking to.
  • You need to speak up so whomever you are talking to can hear you.
  • Personal hygiene is important in American culture you are expected to bath regularly and wear deodorant.

Studies and Social Life

  • Organization is key.
  • Stick to your own study plan, do not do something because your friends are doing it.
  • Sometimes you will have to sacrifice your social life.
  • It is healthy to take a break from studying once in a while.
  • Taking regular breaks helps you retain more information.
  • Learning better study habits can help you take more breaks.
  • Dating
  • A date is usually just a set up time and place for two people to meet up and spend time together.
  • Dating is usually more casual and informal in the U.S.
  • For the most part the male pays for the date, but it is not uncommon for each person to pay for himself or herself.
  • In the U.S., especially in college, some people only want a physical relationship.


  • There may be issues such as language barriers and discrimination that some students may face, but don’t let that stop you from socializing and befriending domestic students, staff, and faculty
  • Get involved with organizations on campus such as Purdue’s MIX program or intramural sports teams as these can help you deal with stress


  • Crossing cultures isn’t easy for everyone and can result in a student becoming stressed or depressed.
  • Learn about the American culture and how to succeed in crossing cultures by getting connected with the International Friendship program or the International Center.


  • If you are struggling to understand class material and need help, reach out to your professor or look for a tutor on campus. Don’t let yourself fail!
  • One aspect of the American educational program is reaching out to others when you need help. Speak to your advisor or professor about learning tips and student tutor recommendations or reach out to tutors through Purdue Student Success.


  • If you are experiencing emotional stress as a result of your academics, personal life, or even homesickness, visit Purdue’s CAPS center.
  • CAPS offers services such as counseling, individual and group therapy, and ADHD coaching.
  • In the American culture, it is very normal to meet with therapists to discuss personal issues such as eating disorders and mental illness. Don’t be afraid to speak with a CAPS consultant because what you share with them is confidential.
  • CAPS also has an international consultant, Yueh-Ching Hsu, that can help with issues such as culture shock.

Have a well balanced diet

Coming to the United States you can experience a difference culturally in what foods you eat. For help with eating a proper diet the Purdue Student Wellness Office can help you out.

Ethnic food can seem hard to find, but there are lots of places to find ethnic food around Purdue. Learn more about Lafayette-West Lafayette Ethnic Restaurants and West Lafayette Ethnic Markets

In the United States it is typical to have a routine check-up with a physician

PUSH is a great place for students to go and regular check-ups are free to students.

Exercise 30-60 minutes five days a week

Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise, along with strength training is a great balance of exercise for your body. Stretching is an easy way to help out your body as well.

Popular International Sports

The Purdue Co-rec is a great resource for students for anything health related.

The Co-rec hosts many intramural sports leagues for students to join. Purdue has many worldwide popular sports leagues available such as soccer (football), cricket club, badminton, and volleyball.