Engineering Scholarships for Current Students

Co-Ops, Internships, and Research

In addition to scholarships and loans, students are earning money to put towards educational expenses while gaining valuable work experience through Co-Ops, internships, and research. These opportunities help students integrate theory and practice, confirm career choices or professional plans, cultivate professional development and provide a competitive edge when seeking full-time careers after graduation.

Co-Op and Internship Opportunities

When it comes to Co-Ops and internships, the average income for our engineering students ranges from $10,000 to $15,000 per semester/summer. The amount saved to pay college expenses varies with the student and the cost of living at the various Co-Op locations. Paid research opportunities are also highly competitive when it comes to compensation and experience gained. When it comes to Co-Op opportunities, Purdue is one of the few universities that allows students to start work after their freshman year, giving our students a slight edge by the time they are in their junior or senior year.

Research Opportunities

Learn more about who’s doing what in the way of research at Purdue. Many faculty members have funding for undergraduate assistants on their individual research projects.

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