Engineering Awards for Current Students

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Opportunities for Current Students

Purdue Engineering students have access to many scholarship opportunities within their professional school as well as externally.  As your education and professional development advances, your availability to obtain scholarships expands.  Scholarships are an investment in YOU, providing recognition for your potential and your previous hard work, allowing students to reduce or eliminate loan debt, and look great on your professional resume. 

Scholarship cycle

Scholarship Cycle 

Timing can be the most challenging aspect of applying for scholarships. The majority of scholarships follow a typical timeline: researching,identifying, applying and notification.  Students should consider following this guideline, paying close attention to specific deadline dates.  For scholarships administered by the college or schools (application will occur during winter/spring with notification spring/summer).  

Engineering Schools & Programs Scholarships

The College of Engineering awards $3 million in scholarships annually to undergraduate students in the college and professional schools, provided by the generosity of our alumni, friends and corporate engagement.  Every scholarship endowment/gift is pivotal to transforming the lives of future Purdue Engineers and providing the “Wings” to succeed.  

Scholarship awards are made on an annual basis (exception: December grads and Co-Op students).  Scholarships are awarded on the basis of scholastic merit, financial need, qualities of leadership, citizenship, character and professional goals.

*It is important to note that scholarships awarded by schools and programs may require an independent scholarship application submission.  Deadline dates will vary by school, but school scholarship applications must be complete by May 1, 2018.  First Year Engineering students transitioning to their professional school for the 2018-2019 academic year should review the school information of their intended major below.

Engineering Schools - Scholarship Coordinators

Aeronautics and Astronautics - Lisa Crain, Scholarship Coordinator

Agricultural and Biological Engineering - Dan Taylor, Scholarship Coordinator

Biomedical Engineering - Corey Linkel, Scholarship Coordinator

Chemical Engineering - Karissa Raderstorf, Scholarship Coordinator

Civil Engineering - Julie Jesiek, Scholarship Coordinator

Construction Engineering and Management - Bonnie Sondgeroth, Scholarship Coordinator

Electrical and Computer Engineering - Anne Tally, Scholarship Coordinator

Engineering Education - Lori Pence, Scholarship Coordinator

Environmental and Ecological Engineering - Tammi Thayer, Scholarship Coordinator

Industrial Engineering - Patrick Brunese, Scholarship Coordinator

Materials Engineering - Vicki Cline, Scholarship Coordinator

Mechanical Engineering - Julie Wise, Scholarship Coordinator

Nuclear Engineering - Nancy Vestal, Scholarship Coordinator

Engineering Programs

EPICS - Pam Brown, Scholarship Coordinator

Minority Engineering - Dr. Dickerson, Scholarship Coordinator

Women in Engineering -  Dr. Beth Holloway, Scholarship Coordinator

National Engineering Scholarships

Many engineering professional organizations such as IEEE, IBE, SAE, and SWE offer scholarships.

Purdue National and International Scholarships Office (NISO)

NISO coordinates the campus evaluation and selection process for 13 prestigious highly competitive and selective national and international awards.  NISO encourages and assist students to pursue a wide range of opportunities within the U.S. and around the globe including study abroad, undergraduate and graduate studies and research.  The office provides a variety of advising resources to help students assess their scholarship potential, understand the application process, and learn to prepare a great application.

External Scholarship Opportunities

Students are encouraged to pursue as many external (outside) scholarships as possible to assist with funding for educational expenses.  External scholarships is an excellent source of funding opportunities available to students of all qualifications, abilities and interests, which are provided by private donors, foundations, professional, civic, or service organization and many other sources outside of Purdue University/College of Engineering.  The internet is one of the best ways to identify private scholarship opportunities for current and high school students. The Division of Financial Aid warns students to be wary of scholarship search firms that charge a fee for their services.  To assist with your scholarship search, we have included some free resources:,,,, International students may wish to review for resources and scholarship opportunities.

Financial Aid

Purdue awards a combination of gift aid (scholarships and grants) and self-help aid (loans and Federal Work-Study) from federal, state, Purdue and private sources. Purdue Financial Aid Brochure. DFA administers some scholarships which require an application specifically for Engineering students. The 2018-19 applications will be available at Division of Financial Aid.

To apply for federal, state, and Purdue University student aid programs, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA must be filed annually to be eligible for need based aid with a March 1 priority-filing deadline.  In-depth information about the financial aid application process can be found on the Division of Financial Aid's website.

The Purdue University, West Lafayette, Federal School Code for the FAFSA is 001825

Financial Aid Guide to Success

A free guide to help the growing number of students in their efforts to enroll in and to afford a postsecondary education.  Available online in English and in Spanish, the 21-page booklet includes information about college applications, the search process and financial aid.

Access the Guides in both English and Spanish

*It is important to note that some merit-based scholarships are contingent upon having the FASFA completed.

**It is important to note that your financial aid eligibility is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress (SAP).  

Financial Literacy

College is a time of independence and freedom for many students and can serve as your greatest source of growth.  Mishandled, it can cause problems and derailment.  It has become clear that the financial decisions you make today may impact your financial livelihood well into your future.  Students need to understand the options with respect to the vast array of financial products, services, make sound financial decisions and practice smart money management techniques (living on a budget, credit cards, student loan debt).  To help you navigate these important decisions and obtain basic money management skills, Purdue Financial Aid encourages students to use CashCourse, a free customizable online tool for students.  CashCourse is your real-life guide to take charge of your money, a resource from the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE).   

Co-Ops, Internships, and Research

In addition to scholarships and loans, students are earning money to put towards educational expenses while gaining valuable work experience through Co-Ops, internships, and research. These opportunities help students integrate theory and practice, confirm career choices or professional plans, cultivate professional development and provide a competitive edge when seeking full-time careers after graduation.

When it comes to Co-Ops and internships, the average income for our engineering students ranges from $10,000-$15,000 per semester/summer. The amount saved to pay college expenses varies with the student and the cost of living at the various Co-Op locations. Paid research opportunities are also highly competitive when it comes to compensation and experience gained. When it comes to Co-Op opportunities, Purdue is one of the few universities that allows students to start work after their freshman year, giving our students a slight edge by the time they are in their junior or senior year.

Links for More information about Co-Ops, Internships, and Research

Office of Professional Practice – Co-Op

(IP) Internship & (IIP) Internship – Internship programs allow students to experience several different employer host organizations.

Center for Career Opportunities - Other Industry Internship Opportunities

Interns for Indiana Program

Research Opportunities

SURF - Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

DURI - Discovery Undergraduate Research Internship

(Learn more about who's doing what in the way of research at Purdue.  many faculty members have funding for undergraduate assistants on their individual research projects.)