Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Certificate

Required Courses (16 credits)

At least 1 credit hour of orientation seminar from the course list below.

Course ID Course Title Course Description Credit Hours University Catalog
ENGR10301 Pharma Careers and Drug Development Weekly small seminars led by faculty designed to introduce a specific topic, problem or discipline of engineering to First-Year Engineering students. Seminars are designed to help students explore a single area of engineering and/or assist in their decision of an engineering degree. Permission of department required. 1 Learn More
IPPH10000 Pharmaceutical Sciences Orientation An orientation course for incoming freshmen or CODO students enrolled in the Bachelor of Sciences in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program. Provides an introduction to the scope of the program, the career opportunities for graduates, the curriculum rationale, and the faculty and staff support structure. 1 Learn More


At least 9 credit hours of courses in technical areas (with at least 6 credit hours at 400-level or above).

Technical Areas Credit Hours University Catalog
Technical Credit 3 Learn More
Technical Credit (400+ Level) 3 Learn More
Technical Credit (400+ Level) 3 Learn More


6 credit hours of courses in experiential learning.

Experiential Learning in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Description Credit Hours University Catalog
Experiential Learning Credits
  • Full-time internship or co-op in areas relevant to pharmaceutical manufacturing.
    • A 10-week or more of full-time internship/co-op is equivalent to 4 credit hours.
    • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship or similar full-time undergraduate research internship is considered equivalent to 2 credit hours.
    • Relevant Study Abroad courses.
6 Learn More